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    Best Ever Colour Song

    Brown Shoes Don't Make It....Frank Zappa. Deep Purple ....Peter DeRose.
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    Best Ever Colour Song

    Orange Claw Hammer ,Captain Beefheart.
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    Best Ever Colour Song

    Black Napkins, Orange County Lumber Truck.
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    Future CHECC Venues?

    I think the two largest attended CHECC forum weekends I worked at were Castleton Rotary Centre in 2008, about 320 + staff, and Yoxter on Mendip in 2012, over 350 + staff. 200+ shouldn't be too difficult I'd have thought. And I never poisoned anyone........unintentionally
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    Homo Naledi in Rising Star Caves S.A..

    Very interesting article on the most recent discoveries from the Rising Star Caves of South Africa. Her previous video also touched on some cave related aspects of Neanderthal society.
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    Random encounters with cavers

    I went to see Dweezil Zappa at Colston Hall in Bristol, and two rows in front of me was mrodoc. A few years earlier I was watching my local evening news, there was a report about young offenders doing community/conservation work at the RSPB headquarters, the person in charge of the work was...
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    B&W photo of motorcycle laden with caving gear

    It's a Matchless, G3L by the look of it, 350cc Heavyweight Single, with patent "Teledraulic" front forks.
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    Very silly pics

    ....Ii anybody is going get bent over and rooted up the arse its going to be our own employees.
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    Very silly pics

    U.S. Navy S.E.A.L. cleverly camouflaged as a pissed English man making a twat of himself......?
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    Mexico Railway Halted Interesting little article tucked away on the BBC News website.
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    Ron "Kangy" King.

    Have  been informed that Ron "Kangy" King, long time BEC member left us this morning. Kangy was the sort of person who truly embodied the BEC motto "If something is worth doing, it's worth doing to excess" I will post more information when I get it.
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    Bunkers and Pill Boxes

    More "Urbex" than Caving, but of general interest, as some of you out there do like this sort of thing.
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    A frustrated Caver Perhaps ?

    I just found this funny.....and let's face it, we probably all know someone like this.....
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    Peeing Underground

    Now not being blessed with the largest of trouser snakes (around 1.5") when flaccid I tend to find during a chilly trip I tend to loose said member altogether and trying to urinate is virtually impossible. Are there any tips on how I can keep percy visible, i.e be able to get a grip on him so...
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    Nationl Geographic Channel, tonight. ( Sun. 28-06-09)

    Just noticed that at 9p.m. tonight on Nat. Geo T.V. channel is a one hour documentary on  Mexico's Cueva de los Crystales.. Should prove an interesting way to liven up a boring Sunday Evening.
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    Channel 4 news, Stall. used in climate research

    Just seen this on channel 4 news, a report on the work of Durham University climatologists who are using stall from a Polish cave to determine past weather patterns, and, hopefully future ones too...
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    Shedding light on the Catacombs of Rome

    Just seen this report on the BBC, It looks quite interesting, not only from a historical point, but also for the use of  the technology to actually create the images seen here. Virtual caving is one step closer. 
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    Have we been Hacked Bubba ?.

    Judging by the shit now appearing on the forum,( porn Blog, Chinese Chemists) as opposed to the normal "Lively discussion", have we been the target of Hackers, ?.
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    Is this the same Mrs. Trellis ?

      Whilst searching for info. for a friends brat I came across this site Look at " And Finally", the name and location are the same.  Could they be one and the same person ? :-\
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    A National Caving Museum ? .

    I was over at John Buxtons yesterday to pick up some C.D.G. stuff. Whilst there He showed Me some old caving books that He had, and pointed out that the odd looking gear worn by Him in one photo. was some of the first cave diving kit ever made, and that it was gathering dust in His shed. I...