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  1. caving_fox

    Removing Aquasure

    Fleece is basically polyester, and I suspect nearly anything that might work on a polyurathane will also melt the polyester which is much more susceptible to solvents.
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    Humidity levels in a library?

    And to save yourself having to do it again very carefully consider the digital medium you're going to store the results in. Many 'permenant' archives from the 90s are lost because no-one can read the 5.25 floppy disk anymore. You also want to consider searchability - images generally aren't...
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    Steam train on the Hope Valley Line and elsewhere 17/04/2024...........

    For steam enthusiasts this weekend at the Anderton boat lift in cheshire, traction engines and steamboats. (plus beer).
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    What size bag do I need to take kit on a plane

    Helping with weight are which I've just tried. They really are very light!
  5. caving_fox

    FOUND: OFD - 2 hoods.

    OFD Cym Dwr - off route around the smithy streamway area. Two hoods. Let me know any details about them and I'll post on.
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    What size bag do I need to take kit on a plane

    Large rucksack should be fine (you'll want a secure cover to keep the straps snug). If it's clean it could go in a suitcase! Without SRT it will be much less than 20kg. You may even be able to pack a few ordinary clothes. The biggest issue is batteries. These should be in hand luggage and...
  7. caving_fox

    Wanted: Meander Criou PVC Oversuit / coveralls

    I changed to Landjoff which feel quite similar, and end up being similar price.
  8. caving_fox

    Alum pot extra P hangers

    Any idea how many hangers CNCC are 'responsible' for? Just curious. May make a good competition?!
  9. caving_fox

    Cwm Dwr rockfall - please avoid

    Wow. On the main through route? That's somewhat disturbing, given how much traffic it gets. Consequence of all the winter's rain?
  10. caving_fox

    How big is the average UK caving club?

    I think these wouldn't appear in BCA stats because they register in which club you're paying your fees. Unless you are paying the BCA twice for insurance.
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    What can caves teach us about climate change?

    (Note if anyone is struggling to access academic journal articles* please so post on here - UK research is primarily funded by UK taxpayers -you- but the results are often only available at exorbitant costs through the research journal structures.) You never know when someone might be around and...
  12. caving_fox

    Do you wash your wet socks?

    As to no detergent - I've been on more than one trip accompanied by delicate lilac smells emanating from someone's washed kit. Caves are so remarkably free of other aromas that it takes very little to stand out.
  13. caving_fox

    Do you wash your wet socks?

    I wish I had a dedicated caving washing machine, but for caving gear I don't use detergent in my home one.
  14. caving_fox

    What's your cowstail & ascender setup...?

    I know that initially I was introduced to Cow's Tails's it was as a safety feature, not an integral part of progression - perhaps to avoid having too many things to consider at once.. They were there to catch you if you get it wrong - so you always clipped them in. Hence it took a long time for...
  15. caving_fox

    how did you get into caving

    I think my very first cave was a school trip to goatchurch. I know my family went on holiday to the Dales and we did GG on the winch (before floodlights), we did have to come back the next day to make the trip, having bemusedly walked past a short queue in the late afternoon and asked what was...
  16. caving_fox

    Chatgpt sums up Cothelstone

    For context a lot of Lechuguilla Cave is thought to be hypogenic, so the possibilities could be immense!
  17. caving_fox

    Fixed Aids and Safety Installations

    I think this is the point - someone has to draw the line between Janja Gabaret being able to free climb it wihtout "mortal danger" so it needs no aid, to a blind quadriplegic can't access it so it needs a lift installing. The Question is then who gets to choose where that line is - The...
  18. caving_fox

    Climbing wall rules

    Also had one of my climbing friend's harness banned on the same grounds (can't remember which wall) was given a free loan for the session which seems the sensible way of going about it. Seems reasonable enough to me, and a reminder to all of us to check our gear more often!
  19. caving_fox

    Garlands Pot anchors

    What's the expected set-up for a ladder rig?
  20. caving_fox

    Cowstail Lengths

    Re- adding extra loops ot your barrel knot. Don't. I have done so in the past and the friction is then so high that they don't contract around the krab properly and don't grip it, so that krab rotates o the knot on the gate etc. (and it's annoying). It may be safer on the very rare occasions...