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  1. aardgoose

    First cave rescue?

    Orpheus and Eurydice ? Unsuccessful though.
  2. aardgoose

    3D cave scanning in Devon

    The photographs are taken at each location with the circle on the floor, so that is a lot of stops, so pretty time consuming. The 3d mesh is quite crude, from what I can tell it is only 1.2MB of data, but it works very nicely, the images make up for the lack of 3d detail. The origins of the...
  3. aardgoose

    Bonsall Moor Swallet - Information

    Currently not being pursued after infil of dig after storms several years ago. The latest dig was at the other end of the shake hole from the original dig, but was an area that the stream also sank in. Was still in fill of boulder and clay but was breaking into some open voids. Picture from an...
  4. aardgoose

    Peak District Cave Exploration Prize

    The competition details are back up.
  5. aardgoose

    Viewing survex .3d files on an Android device

    Indeed, I have started making it a PWA (but not finished), and it does work in Android browsers. (And Rob knows me).
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    test message - please ignore

    for more information please reread
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    New surface overlay of Peak surveys online

    A new overlay (partial coverage) of 6" Barmaster maps is available for the 3D models on The maps have been georeferenced to modern satellite imagery.
  8. aardgoose

    3D surveys in a web browser - now with satellite overlays

    Latest update to my web 3d cave viewer available at the link below. A recent addition is the ability to overlay images from Bing, Open Street Maps etc over terrain to allow views as in the attached image. ( for an automatic demo )...
  9. aardgoose

    Display .3d and lox files in a browser

    Hi, Just for fun, a native web 3d survey viewer.  Requires IE 11, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera. No plugins required. (yes it has bugs, especially orthogonal view selection)