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  1. Pony

    Speleo technic FX lamps advice

    Had an LED bulb replacement for my FX5. Stopped the duration test after five days and still going strong.
  2. Pony


    Manchester Hole at a dodgy angle.😁
  3. Pony


    Summat in Nidderdale next then.😁
  4. Pony


    Out Sleets ?
  5. Pony

    Caving Memes

  6. Pony

    Very silly pics

  7. Pony

    What can caves teach us about climate change? Plenty in these volumes. Should have them in the Dump library
  8. Pony

    Do you wash your wet socks?

    After a thirty year study of the effects of washing wetsocks with detergent, I can safely say they have not deteriorated at all. On the other hand, when my big toenails have been a bit long, might as well have chucked them to a rabid jack russell.
  9. Pony

    Has Anyone ever lost a welly?

    I heard that a Caver turned up to do Dowbergill passage with 2 left wellies . Carried on with the trip but half way through was complaining one of his feet was giving him grief. Cavers being cavers, one of them helpfuly suggested he swap his wellies over. Great idea lad! Was the reply. When done...
  10. Pony

    Problem at Braida Garth in Kingsdale, last night.

    Probably not, though a few people think gates are like a#£&holes and close by themselves.
  11. Pony

    What do you talk about on trips?

    Went through a phase of talking about kitchens for no particular reason. Came to an end when we realised we'd been sat for half an hour talking about nowt else.
  12. Pony


    I like the section H stick Man, it's like he's going Yay! Can stand up.
  13. Pony

    New Petzl buckle protectors available to stop slippage

    Petzl won't be getting any of my cash from now on. Flawed life support equipment produced and a slow response to remedy the problem. Expect a lot better from a company with such a standing.
  14. Pony

    how did you get into caving

    Did The Churns during a YTS outward bound week and thoroughly enjoyed it. Didn't bother with it for another 10ish years, though had got into climbing. A mate had been badgering me for a few years to go to GG for the Bradford winch meet and I finally agreed.Thought I'd just dabble, then I saw the...
  15. Pony

    Bernie's under new ownership!

    Good luck.👍
  16. Pony

    How Can War and Space Help Caving ?

    Take a look at Bill Stone's self mapping and guided underwater drone/rov. In development for exploration of Io or Europa, can't remember which. Talks in some detail about on The Caver Podcast
  17. Pony


    Chimney flue on Grassington moor?
  18. Pony

    Cowstail Lengths

    I've got mine set with long so the krab hooks over my nose and short so krab is just under my chin.
  19. Pony

    FOUND.Darnbrook Pot Foot Ascender.

    In shake hole, November 4th.
  20. Pony

    GEO Headtorches

    How old is your failing Fenix? They've got a 5 year warranty. @Badlad had one 2/3 years old that was playing up,sent back to Fenix and repaired gratis. He had a thread on here about it a while back.