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  1. jarvist

    Met office individual peak / fell forecasts

    The Met office have finally followed through on their threat to Web 2.0 their Mountain-Safety website (boo hiss), so it doesn't work over WAP or with 'dumb' phones: However, they've also launched a load of specific...
  2. jarvist

    2014 - Imperial College Caving Club - Hidden Earth - Skozi Zrcalo

    Thanks to everyone who came to our talk at Hidden Earth on our summer expedition to Slovenia. Our slides are online for those who couldn't make it, with links to the YouTube videos we didn't show due to lack of time...
  3. jarvist

    Sardinia: April 2014 Trip Report

    Dear All, Imperial College are back from their very recent Sardinia trip. This may be be useful for other's planning a trip there. They visited Su Bentu, camped in Su Palu and visited ?Routa ?e S?Edera?. (12MB PDF)
  4. jarvist

    'Cave Link' Text-Only Cave Radio

    During the summer 2013 Expedition to Tolminski Migovec, Slovenia, Imperial College CC very kindly had the loan of a 'Cave Link' radio system from the manufacturers. This is a text only system, and was found to be extremely useful for exploration logistics...
  5. jarvist

    Found Camera - Olympus Mu Tough - PYO (dead)

    Found a Olympus Mu Tough in the start of the resurgence of PYO. I suspect it had been swept through the cave during a flood pulse, water inside the camera so it's clearly dead but the SD card still works. The SD Card reads OK - photos show a group of young (guess late primary school age)...
  6. jarvist

    Furthest Distance underground, anywhere?

    Does anyone know the longest (from an entrance) point one can reach in the UK / in the world? There's a cave in America, Fort Stanton Cave ( Snowy River Passage), with a point over 12 miles (19.3km) from the entrance: I've done...
  7. jarvist

    San Agustin 2013 / Huautla Exped - Deepest cave in the Western Hemisphere

    Many fantastic photos & more updates on the Facebook page:
  8. jarvist

    New Sony Actioncam Announced

    This new product just announced by Sony looks really potentially quite useful for caving / diving: Unlike the GoPro it seems to have a much larger aperture lens (thus more light gathering ability), and a large high-sensitivity sensor...
  9. jarvist

    Longest Cave in Slovenia

    I have the great pleasure of announcing that the JSPDT (Caving Section of the Tolmin Alpine Club) and ICCC (Imperial College Caving Club) have successfully connected System Migovec and System Vrtnarija during the Sledi Vetra 2012 expedition. The combined system is now 24.9 km long and 975 m...
  10. jarvist

    Gingling - Climb below Stalactite Chamber v. loose

    Was down Gingling on Saturday - the climb in the slot below stalactite chamber was extremely loose, some fairly large chunks coming down as the cavers in front climbed up (with great care). Rather worryingly, it looks as if the much larger boulders are falling towards the bedrock of the wall...
  11. jarvist

    Estimating flow rate from noise

    We're dusting off our plans to build some dataloggers for installation over a year in an alpine cave. It's easy enough to buy sensors to do temperature, pressure and humidity (though it might saturate), but one thing we've considered trying to do is estimate the flow rate of the cave by...
  12. jarvist

    Found: Stop in Notts I

    Stop found, on its attachment carabiner, in the streamway midway along the traverse on the way to the sump (fallen down into the stream, near the old ladder route). The wheels are a bit pitted, so it's possibly been there a while, but otherwise seems serviceable. Describe the krab & the stop...
  13. jarvist

    Gypsum Discovered on Mars
  14. jarvist

    High CRI LEDs for Photography / Colour Calibration Underground

    I split this off from the Bisun review, as I didn't want to hijack the thread, interested in any comments! Only one year off! For a photo lamp, I'd imagine you could run into CRI problems quite quickly. It's certainly a headache to have...
  15. jarvist

    Experience with Adventure Medical Kits Emergency Bivvy Bags ?

    Do any cavers out there have any experience with the (relatively) new Adventure Medical Kits Emergency Bivvy Bag? They seem quite interesting, sort of halfway between a 'good old' polythene survival bag (Caving Supplies quote 90g, 182x83cm, ?4) and the slightly OTT Lifesystems Blizzard bags...
  16. jarvist

    7dayshop 8-way NiMh AA/AAA smart chargers back in stock @ ?9.99

    The 7dayshop 8-way NiMh AA/AAA smart charger is back in stock again (@ ?9.99 delivered): It makes a great personal / backup charger, particularly if you're upgrading from a dumb charger. Not as clever or well made...
  17. jarvist

    Imperial College CC: Izgubljeni Raj 2011

    Imperial College CC is back from another very successful 4-week summer expedition with the JSPDT on Tolminski Migovec, Slovenia. Earlier this year we won the Wilhelm Putick Prize (nagrada Viljema Puticka) for 'the best achievement in cave exploration in Slovenia in 2010', for our Vodna Sled...
  18. jarvist

    Bosch Uneo External Battery Modification

    I just modified another Bosch Uneo for bolt climbing use this summer, and took a good few photos of the pristine gearbox + my modifications, to help anyone else that decides to get one themselves. I choose to remove the internal...
  19. jarvist

    Sub-visible Fluorescent Dye Tracing?

    To an extent this is a continuation of a previous discussion of dye tracing: On the practical side, I thought people may be interested to see that there's a 'shop' on eBay offering Fluorescein and Rhodamin-B for around ?5-6 per 100g bag...
  20. jarvist

    Information on Su Palu, Sardinia?

    I'm going back with Imperial CCC to Sardinia to have a more in depth look at Su Palu (clearly the best cave on the island!), and was wondering if anyone had any information out there that was more in depth than that available in the SMCC guide? We were hoping to get a good few days exploring in...