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  1. Ali M

    Warmbac suits

    This would give you an idea on sizing. I always buy Warmbac oversuits at least one size bigger than needed to allow for a bit of shrinkage. Speak to Tony and he would be able to get you a standard Warmbac suit if this is what you want.
  2. Ali M

    Warmbac suits

    Tony Seddon from Starless River is on Mendip this coming weekend 22nd & 23rd June. He will be based at the Wessex.
  3. Ali M

    GB key - Bristol

    I am still issuing midweek GB keys, but you will need to collect and return to Priddy. Someone has just booked one for this Friday evening. There is no problem coming into the village from the Cheddar Road (Townsend) and by Mendip Heights campsite.
  4. Ali M

    Caving Illnesses

    They had crawled up his trousers, so tuck your socks in.
  5. Ali M

    Caving Illnesses

    Husband and dog seem to acquire ticks in equal numbers in our household and the tick season seems longer every year. 😖
  6. Ali M

    Caving Illnesses

    There are plenty of ticks on Mendip. 🙁
  7. Ali M

    Good smoke for testing drafts?

    We normally take about 10 with us at a time in a small watertight container. Plus you need to carry a lighter. They have proved excellent for work in Longwood Valley sink. I don’t advise smoke pellets. We only tried these once at another digging site. They produced far too much smoke and exiting...
  8. Ali M

    Good smoke for testing drafts?

    We have found smoke matches excellent for draught testing and usually buy a tub of 100...
  9. Ali M

    New Mendip Cave

    Well done Joan, you would not have wanted to put a wheel down that hole. The traffic lights were working again yesterday.
  10. Ali M

    New Mendip Cave

    Photos from yesterday.
  11. Ali M

    New Mendip Cave

    I checked it out yesterday before they start filling it up today. The hole is about 1m deep and extends for about a metre under the tarmac in an SE direction, ending in a vertical wall which is probably a large boulder. There is a drainage ditch in the verge on the side and I suspect that the...
  12. Ali M

    What caving related thing did you do today?

    Well done - that is what the diggers like to hear. :) :dig:
  13. Ali M

    The Origin of Cave Draughts - Question

    We find Arctic Hayes Strikes Smoke Matches excellent. They have a burn time of 20 seconds which makes them ideal for testing draughts.
  14. Ali M

    Photography Showcase 3 per week limit

    Some creative photo work by Nick.😁 Roger was rescued on 13th November 2012, delivered safely to the surface and declined to return underground for the diggers Christmas party. He/she thought that they might get eaten.
  15. Ali M

    Getting digging permission

    Good communication at all stages is vital. We always keep landowners updated on how the dig is progressing and send them a regular photographic record. The latter works really well. However, on one occasion I was trying to keep a breakthrough quiet, while we assessed the situation and wondering...
  16. Ali M

    Free digging rope up for grabs

    You can always leave it in or by the Wessex Digging store. I am sure that it will find a good home. :)
  17. Ali M

    TG Six Camera Issue

    I solved this problem in my TG5 by purchasing a new battery.
  18. Ali M

    Hunter's hole - a faffy trip & last deviation failure

    The permit system has changed. They are now issued online and are free. Keys are available from the main caving clubs.