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  1. adventurebarbie

    CRO fundraiser - Steph & Mikes Spine race

    Hey all, Just a heads up that Mike Bottomley and I (Steph) are running the 190 kilometer MRT...
  2. adventurebarbie

    Pollaraftra no access

    Have you spoken to the SUI access officer about it or any of the northern ICRO wardens? That's a proper shame is that :-(
  3. adventurebarbie

    Fab full paged article in York Post

    Here's a PDF of the article for those of you who are interested :-)
  4. adventurebarbie

    Another positive for caving in the York Post

    Anyone seen this one? Fabulously written by Ged Campions daughter
  5. adventurebarbie

    Fab full paged article in York Post

    It will be on SkyTV sometime before Xmas, not sure when though. It's part of a series called Hold the front page.
  6. adventurebarbie

    Fab full paged article in York Post

    I’m delighted to say that there is a full page article in the Yorkshire post this weekend waxing lyrical about how amazing Caving is. Mike B, Josh Bratchley, Phil Baker, Ian & Lin Patrick and I (Steph) took Josh Widdicombe and Nish Kumar Caving for sky TV in July and we had the most amazing...
  7. adventurebarbie

    SUICRO 2022

    Who's going?
  8. adventurebarbie

    Ario Caves Project

    Tbh, it was never on the cards with the resource and time we had so the team are just delighted to have the outcome we have :-) And what’s amazing for those who didn’t come is another chance to see the cave. It really is a beauty.
  9. adventurebarbie

    Ario Caves Project

    We’ve written our recruitment letter ;-) Volunteers needed for a month to provide support for a cave diving expedition in a deep cave in the remote mountains of the Picos. Hours of graft: Shifts will be in multiples of 2 - 3 days with maybe a couple of hours of sleep a night Accommodation...
  10. adventurebarbie

    Ario Caves Project

    Helicopter’s are the way to go.
  11. adventurebarbie

    Ario Caves Project

    Most things worth while start with a dream and taking a chance. Over 60 years ago now @oxford_uni_caving took a chance on a previously unexplored area of limestone in the Picos de Europa, and boy did it pay off :-) Their efforts have resulted in the discovery of 10’s of kilometres of super...
  12. adventurebarbie

    Chasing Dreams with help from UKC and SpanSet

    Thanks so much to Tim and Jane of UKCaving and Spanset for matching their incredibly generous offer of 1k of caving rope, so that made 2k in total. It's taken us all month to get it all soaked and prepared and after having had a spin out on some of it, I have to say its great rope too. Which...
  13. adventurebarbie

    Knot passing knots - discuss

    What are folks preferred knots for doing a knot pass?
  14. adventurebarbie

    Ario Caves Project

    Oh also, to say our website is back up and running again
  15. adventurebarbie

    Ario Caves Project

    Hey all, Just an update really to say that the ACP expo is back after a few quiet covid years. This year we're finally back into C4 to continue the many upstream leads and to continue climbing a few impressive shafts. and also as a very special treat we're going back into Cabexa Muxa...
  16. adventurebarbie

    Opportunity to go Caving with Petzl this Kendal Mountain festival, 20th Nov.

    Heads up folks, Yorkshire Dales Guides in association with Petzl are offering a pretty cool opportunity to go caving with the Petzl-sponsored Olivier Testa, who is speaking at the UG session this Fri. This will be in Bull Pot of the Witches up at Bull Pot farm and will include the chance to...
  17. adventurebarbie

    Inspirational women cavers in Britian

    I've been asked by a journalist I was working with on another project about quote: "Just researching for a different story. You mentioned there were some amazingly accomplished female cavers in the UK. Can you suggest a couple who might make good interviews for a possible story on female...
  18. adventurebarbie

    Questions for Rick Stanton re; Aquanaut

    So this Kendal Mountain Festival I'll be interviewing Rick Stanton about his fantastically well-written, and refreshingly honest book - Aquanaut: A life beneath the surface. What should I be asking him? What do you want to know? I'm keen to know what struck you, what intrigued you...