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  1. mrodoc

    To find caves in the Himalayas by bus!

    Plenty of copies of this book available too regarding the 1977 single decker trip to Iran where we recced a number of high altitude cave systems.. Contact me or the Chard Bookshop. I doubt if pwhole will be inspired to do an expedition after reading this either!
  2. mrodoc

    Dr. Tony Boycott

    This film features Tony on an unusual cave dig in Ireland:
  3. mrodoc

    Inflatable Recommendations for use as buoyancy aids

    We did the Hundidero-Gato through trip a few years ago and all bought cheap inflatable rings which proved very vulnerable. In actual fact the best buoyancy aid I had was my Swaygo bag that has an Ortlieb style closure which carried my camera gear. It is worn with opening downwards. It was...
  4. mrodoc

    Dr. Tony Boycott

    Sad to report my old friend Tony Boycott passed away last night. I had known him since my junior doctor days at Treliske nearly half a century ago and together we have dived, caved, cave dived, trekked and kayakedd at various times over the years. Tony was an active member of MRO, a long...
  5. mrodoc

    GB Cavern - Waterfall route re-opened

    How do we use a rockfall? Moderator comment: previous typo was fixed as requested by original poster - added "the route".
  6. mrodoc

    Trying Out The New Mini Torch For Photography

    Image stabilization seems to have improved even on small cameras like the TG although of course it is easier to hold one of those steady. I took this shot with my digital SLR and again hand held at 1/8 second.
  7. mrodoc

    Contacting the Devon Karst Research Society

    There seems to be a disconnect between what I know of Brian Lewarne and that Linkedin Page.
  8. mrodoc

    Contacting the Devon Karst Research Society

    I will PM you as had contact with them relatively recently. Their web page is about their only presence on the planet as far as I can discern!
  9. mrodoc

    For anyone in the Dales, interested in Elgar's music

    No, elevating music.
  10. mrodoc

    Northern Lights

    Seen in Chard but not by me!
  11. mrodoc

    Sea Caves, anyone?

    Nice film. Wouldn't like to use a backmount in there though! I am wondering if that is Mermaid's Hole on the film as it is a large passage compared with the ones I visited in the 80's.
  12. mrodoc

    Sea Caves, anyone?

    The sea cave at Trevaunance Cove, St Agnes is a fine cave as mentioned. Just extended one 800 miles from there at Balnakeil Bay in Durness. This is probably the finest sea cave I have been in - you can boat up the passage and it has many formations in it.
  13. mrodoc

    The Mine Shafts Project. Hydrology.

    Make the most of this thread as it is likely to be deleted shortly (or at least some of it).
  14. mrodoc

    Schoolhouse Cave

    A group of BEC members visited it last year at my suggestion. Took a while to find what we think was Schoolhouse Cave. The part we found was stream sink with walking passage and roof stal. We packed up when the roof lowered.
  15. mrodoc

    Mud Sump

    Well the fourth generation has now been caving in my family. I got my father into it back in the mid 60's then persuaded my wife to try it then both my daughetrs (one has been to Meghalaya a couple of times) and now all my grandchildren have been underground (and Scarlett has been in Descent)...
  16. mrodoc

    Best Ever Wildlife Song

    Most of the Moulettes album I bought a few years ago!
  17. mrodoc

    BBC - Inside Scotland's Ancient Bone Caves

    Do tell which ones they are for as per usual I don't know who Long Drop is! Unless people tell me their real names I haven't a clue who they are as you can imagine.
  18. mrodoc

    BBC - Inside Scotland's Ancient Bone Caves

    I noticed the BBC used two of my photos but I can't say they ever contacted me about using them!
  19. mrodoc

    Cave diving to -312m

    Who laid the line first then?