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  1. andysnook

    Stoke lane slocker

    I'm aware of the official line on access to this cave - does anyone have any up to date information on the actual situation ? (also tips for where to park etc appreciated) Thanks folks :)
  2. andysnook

    Daren Cilau 18th - 20th July 2008

    Steve Sharp, Gary Kiely, Mad Fi, Andy Snook As is usual with the last few Daren camps it's been more of a jolly than digging (apparently that's what the camp is for!).  Seriously though, I?ve made a promise to myself to only dig and nothing else on future camps.... As opposed to being...
  3. andysnook

    Scurion P7

    One for those who thought Scurion wasnt bright enough already !,0,0,1,0,0
  4. andysnook

    Leaking daren drum

    Anyone out there got any tips for making sure daren drums dont leak ? After a trip at the weekend i found that one drum had leaked and let in rather a lot of water, even though the lid seemed tight.  Luckily this was happened on the way out of the cave, but in future I'd like to do all i can to...
  5. andysnook

    FOR SALE:Warmbac 42" neofleece WANTED:38"/40" neo/full suit (BRISTOL/MENDIP)

    Due to losing a little weight, and having bought too large a size in the first place - I need to sell my current neo-fleece. I'm looking to either sell it, or exchange it for a smaller neo-fleece/full wetsuit (probably 38" or 40"). Its probably been underground about 10 times or so in swildons...
  6. andysnook

    Swildons mud sump/troubles

    Anyone been through/to mud sump/troubles over the last few days ? Was wondering what the water levels are like for a possible trip tomorrow evening.  Dont mind a good bailing session - but it has apparently been VERY full a couple of times recently. Ta
  7. andysnook

    Pierre's Pot - Squeeze to lower series

    Did a trip to pierre's lower series last night  :thumbsup: I have to say - that squeeze down to the lower series is an absolute horror :o Going down was fairly straightforward - breathing in made in barely possible.  Despite my efforts on the return, standing on someone else's shoulders was...
  8. andysnook

    Which lighting system ?

    Having recently got back into caving, I've managed to re-use some of my old kit instead of buying new. This of course includes my old FX2.  It still lasts a good time (8hrs before serious dimming) but i'm finding wearing the battery a bit of a pain, especially when there are now alternatives...