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  1. CatM

    Dales Monopoly Board

    The bottom of this article tells you how to submit suggestions.
  2. CatM

    BCA AGM 11th June 2023 - details

    All very well if you're in a paid position, but for volunteers with a job and a life, I think that's asking a bit much. A manifesto isn't a bad idea, to encourage progress, but "immediate dismal" sounds like a recipe for disaster - and a distinct lack of volunteers.
  3. CatM

    B&W photo of motorcycle laden with caving gear

    There's also a picture on p58 of the latest BPC bulletin:
  4. CatM

    Do you ever find treasure underground?

    Rest assured that mods will be keeping a close eye on the thread - we may split later if it seems necessary (y)
  5. CatM

    "River at the Centre of the Earth" (The search for the Timavo)

    I'm surprised no-one has mentioned this already, as it was apparently made in 2012 and I think it's been on Prime for a while, but I couldn't find anything using the search function. Anyhoo.... An interesting documentary...
  6. CatM

    MOVED: International Training Camp for Young Speleologists: Germany

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    SpanSet IRATA course... and the winner is.....?

    Wow, this was genuinely a really tough decision as to who should win the IRATA course. There were many worthy contenders who put forward very convincing cases and it's a shame you can't all win! However, after much deliberation, myself and my trusted advisors agreed that the prize should go...
  8. CatM

    Up for grabs ? SpanSet IRATA course (Hidden Earth Grand Prize)

    Where could an IRATA course take YOU? As part of the fantastic UKC competitions at Hidden Earth, I was lucky enough to win the Grand Prize of an IRATA course, donated by SpanSet.                     However, after much deliberation (and procrastination), I have decided to re-donate this...
  9. CatM

    Edward's Shortcut Traverse (OFD)

    NB. A genuine question, not a criticism... I noticed on last week's episode of The Dudley, Caving and Cakes (, that prior to Chunky's near disasterous fall (thank goodness for the cakes!), he was tackling the traverse in Edward's Shortcut. He was...
  10. CatM

    MOVED: CHECC Grand Prize - Vesper Spectacle exchange and Alum for good measure !

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    MOVED: CHECC Grand Prize - ICCC "Finding a pitch series at depth in Slovenia"

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    Underworld: an virtual reality exploration of London's Victorian sewers

    "Underworld is an immersive exploration of London?s Victorian sewers and is the Guardian?s latest virtual reality offering. Step into the shoes of an urban explorer and experience the labyrinth of subterranean tunnels and hidden waterways that run beneath the city" Trailer here...
  13. CatM

    MOVED: Aber CC's Swildon's with a twist

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  14. CatM

    "The cave divers who went back for their friends"

    I spotted this on the BBC news site this morning: I clicked on it half expecting another of those short "caving is stupid and dangerous" articles, but was pleasantly surprised to find a lengthy piece about two cave divers that died in Norway...
  15. CatM

    Whitewell Pot

    Whitewell Pot - 7th Feb 2015 Present: Cat Moody (Me), Adam Walmsley (Walmslers), Sarah Jefferys (Wem) A fafftastic but eventually quite fun, leisurely trip to a short and rarely visited cave. The faff began when, having got to the parking layby specified on the permit, I remembered that we'd...
  16. CatM

    Pub Food

    Hey guys, I'm looking for somewhere to take my family for a pub dinner tomorrow night, in the Ingleton area. Does anyone have any recent experiences of the food at the Marton Arms/Wheatsheaf or have any other suggestions (preferably not too far east) of where to go? Just looking for some decent...