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  1. Rhys

    Caving Memes

    When someone asks me in the changing room if I'm going to Cwmdwr or Ogof Ffynnon Ddu top entrance:
  2. Rhys

    Have you visited the British Caving library?

    I love the photo of the door. It just needs a "Beware of the leopard" sign.
  3. Rhys

    Cave Rescue Procedures (continued)

    I've used the digital destination board. Do you know if the people that monitor it call the rescue team direct, if possible, and not 999.
  4. Rhys

    Cave Rescue Procedures (continued)

    You just need to be absolutely clear what is expected from the person you're relying on. I might say, "I expect to be out at 8pm. If you haven't heard from me by 10pm, call rescue." The unwritten rule with the SWCC callout board was that 1 hour after the time, rescue starts - which allows for...
  5. Rhys

    Cave Rescue Procedures (continued)

    Most callouts based around the SWCC area never go through 999. The rescue team get to know via the callout board and the team will "ask permission" from, or in actual fact tell, the police that they are taking action. There's no reason CRO couldn't do this if they knew something was occurring -...
  6. Rhys

    Caving Memes

    Genuine memes have to contain at least one spelling mistake.
  7. Rhys

    Shot holes in Spare Rib, Ogof Draenen

    Enlarging Spare Rib in Ogof Draenen seems totally unnecessary. It's really not a difficult bit of cave.
  8. Rhys

    Siju Cave, Assam in 1923

    I've witnessed bats swimming in that region, now Meghalaya. It was quite disturbing being waist deep in water having fish bashing into my legs and with bats swimming and flying towards me and climbing up my suit. I forget the name of the cave.
  9. Rhys

    Hidden Earth site plan and arrival information

    It's unfortunate that lecture hall 2 is designated 3 on the map key and lecture hall 3 is designated 4 on the map key. I would've made the numbers match up for quick and easy comprehension. But that's a minor gripe from me. I'm looking forward to coming along on Sunday!
  10. Rhys

    Helmet recomendations

    They used to be sold as "Protex" by Caving Supplies with the lamp bracket and bit of string on the back for a cable. I'm wearing one in my profile pic!
  11. Rhys

    Helmet recomendations

    I recently bought two of the Edelrid Ultralight III for the kids. They seem okay to me; I don't think they're ugly! I haven't bolted anything on, but I can't see it being a problem. I'll probably get another one to replace my old style Edelrid when it expires.
  12. Rhys

    Found - wellies and kneepads, Otter Hole

    Wellies and kneepads found in the Otter Hole car park, Lower Wyndcliff near Chepstow. 8th July 2023 Size 45. Contact me for return.
  13. Rhys

    Insurance for trips

    I heard anecdotally that Johan Westhauser had to sell his house and will be paying off huge debts for the rest of his life following the rescue from Riesending. Does anyone closer to this know the details?
  14. Rhys

    Old exploration in Agen Allwedd

    SWCC newsletters suggest there was a Rhidian Roberts of Blackwood, Monmouthshire active at that time (Blackwood not being a million miles from the BNS/ICI plant in Pontypool). Right now, I'm afraid I know nothing about him, but he might be RR...
  15. Rhys

    Documentary about the big rescue from OFD last November

    But no landowner was found liable for what happened. Why would they be worried?
  16. Rhys

    Statutory Licensing of Welsh Club Huts

  17. Rhys

    Statutory Licensing of Welsh Club Huts

    You do know that Drakeford is a unionist and not a nationalist don't you? He and his followers are Labour; a unionist party. They love the UK and the English.
  18. Rhys

    Thames Water and Severn Trent Water use dowsing to detect leaks

    Lots of people dig in shakeholes and find some cave passage.
  19. Rhys

    Viper Lamps

    Try contacting Warmbac. They used to have all the spares. I got a charger from them back in 2016.
  20. Rhys

    Caving Hacks, or things you learn with age?

    Never get separated from your lunch bag.