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  1. Gollum

    Found: MicroTraxion in Devonshire Cavern

    It's mine. I'll try and get back in there this afternoon. thank you
  2. Gollum

    Motor oil contamination

    I was hanging from a traverse line today and noticed some dark patches on my cows-tails which I later learned were from an engine oil spillage in my boot. After my initial shock and retrieving to safety I checked out various sites about my predicament and there was much confusion. I tried to...
  3. Gollum

    Snake Mine

    Does anyone know the rope lengths or has anyone got a rigging guide for snake mine. I've done it in the past but it's been so long my old brain has forgot the lengths we used
  4. Gollum

    Rope in Giants

    There is a rope attached to the first bolt at the pull through which leads back into crab walk. It has been there for some time now. Sometimes it's attached to the pull through ring, sometimes it's attached to the first bolt and other times it's just left laying on the ledge at the top. Does...
  5. Gollum

    Mouldridge Mine v Groups

    I saw two outdoor centres send two mini buses to Mouldridge Mine today. Each mini bus would have had 10-12 young people plus a teacher plus an instructor so 48-56 people in Mouldrige Mine in the morning. Does Mouldridge Mine even stand a chance with such an invasion. Do centre managers need to...
  6. Gollum

    bag carriers needed

    I've seen how cave divers get people to carry their kit into systems so they can enjoy there activity so thought I would see if I can get people to carry my kit into caves so i can enjoy my activities.I might even include your name on the trip report but don't promise anything
  7. Gollum

    Devonshire Mine

    If anyone is going to Devonshire Mine could you please check if the door is working ok i.e. locking ok. There has been a report that it's not shutting properly again and we don't want local kids getting in again with their spay cans. Please let me know via email...
  8. Gollum

    Devonshire Mine

    Just had a text from Kath re Devonshire Mine. She has got a buyer for her house who appears to be happy for cavers and groups to continue to use the mine if the sale goes through  :)
  9. Gollum


    Fracking companies will be allowed to drill horizontally under national parks and other protected areas if the wells start just outside their boundaries, after the government rowed back on its earlier acceptance of new environmental protections.
  10. Gollum

    Why Derbyshire based instructors need to join PICA

    I bumped into a group rock scrambling in full caving kit at Black Rocks (including lights). When I spoke to ythe instructor they had walked all the way up the hill to find Devonshire Mine was closed. As a member of PICA they would have been told about the closure and receive the authorized...
  11. Gollum

    Rope removal from caves

    Diggers and divers in the area sometimes leave a cave rigged for easy access. Whats your thoughts? Reason I am asking is a few friends and I got permission to use some ropes in a system and whilst walking to the cave came across another team who had removed all the rigging and was taking the...
  12. Gollum


    Had a trip down Nettle to Derbyshire Hall yesterday. I did the trip over eight years ago and got through the squeeze but didn't get to Derbyshire Hall because my mate could'n't get through. It was well worth the wait and it seemed easier going through on my back.
  13. Gollum

    Bolts at Jug Holes

    When did the bolts appear at Jug Holes. I don't mean the ones in the cave. Then ones in the entrance area
  14. Gollum

    respect for peoples property

    several times now i have come out a cave only to find some Muppet has left evidence of their muddy trip on my cars paintwork :furious:. today i came out of giants to find a hand print halfway along the side of my van :o :furious: :furious: :(. i could understand if it was a confined space but...
  15. Gollum

    crap lights

    I read a review in Descent re Trog lights and bought six for group use. Ive got 15 FX2 which are still going strong but thought I'd try the Trog lights because of the good review the received. Big, Big, Big mistake. 3 out of 6 main lights have packed in and 1 is totally British because it works...
  16. Gollum

    Free Training

    As the training officer of a Derbyshire club I offered free training to the members. The committee received a letter questioning the clubs support for DCA training. Although we offer our members free training we also support any DCA & BCA training. If you are aware of this rumor and can shed any...
  17. Gollum

    has BCA lost sight

    I know a cave leader who left the country and failed to re-validate his LCMLA ticket and has now got to do is core skills again. I also know a site specific who is site specific for mines and has been for over three years and will never have to re-validate. For cavers who don't understand the...
  18. Gollum


    CIC's (which I am not one) are the god's/cream of instructors and need to revalidate every 3 years. LCMLA (which I am one) revalidate every 5 years. Can some one please explain why the cream/gods revalidate every three years and the muppets/LCMLA revalidate every five years. I aint the smartest...
  19. Gollum

    local cave leader ???

    I know this does not affect most cavers but you would expect a local cave leader award to mean what it says on the label. So why has the BCA changed it so local cave leaders have to go outside their local area. Maybe they are just copying the MLTB which is actually a national qualification. I do...
  20. Gollum

    Mouldridge mine and instructed groups

    I have just been into Mouldridge Mine with a group and the farmer is not happy about us using his gate to gain access into the field from the road side. He is not happy that the gate has not been secured correctly in the past and is worried his cattle will get out on to the road. Can anyone...