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  1. spikey

    For Sale: Caving Magazines (Descent, Caves & Caving)

    Following a loft clearout, I've come across the following; thought maybe some personal collections or club libraries may be missing a few copies perhaps. DESCENT                 CAVES & CAVING ISSUE DATE                 ISSUE DATE 81 Apr/May 1988 28 May 1985 85 Dec/Jan 88/89 31 Feb...
  2. spikey

    RAM - Plug & Play??

    Quick question; following the demise of my HP Pavillion 9000 series (see thread, I wondered whether I could simply rip out the nice 2GB of memory and stick it into my old Toshiba Satellite to give it a bit more 'oomph'? As far as I know, both...
  3. spikey

    A Few More Books (NFTFH & Others)

    Just a few more books I'm looking to clear from the shelves:       Not for the Faint Hearted (HB) - A1 Cond       The Game Goes On (SB) - A1 Cond       The Darkness Beckons 2nd Ed - A Cond       Secrets of the Moors & Dales (HB) (Forder) - A1 Cond. ?15.00 each, P&P @ Cost, or collect N Derbys...
  4. spikey

    new photo site

    After seeing the photos of the "Village Negre" in the Grotte de Bournillon on Mark's site, and one that's appeared on the ukc front page, it reminded me of a picture I took over 20 years ago, which went wrong, and finished up being lit almost entirely by carbide - 1.5 minute exposure.
  5. spikey

    Caving Guide Books For sale

    Several books / guides, including: Speleo dans le Vercors 1 & 2, original Speleo Sportive dans le Vercors, Speleo dans les Alpes de Haute Savoie, Vercors Caves, Northern Caves (original) Ingleborough, and Leck & Casterton, Caves of Derbyshire (original), Caves of South Wales, Mendip Underground...
  6. spikey

    New Expedition Area ??

    Sounds like a good place for a prospecting trip !  ;D
  7. spikey

    What's This ??

    Please pardon my ignorance, but what exactly are these features ??  Are they natural solution or t'owd man-made ?  :shrug: In either case, are they worth a poke ? (BTW, between Chelmorton and Flagg)
  8. spikey

    CNCC - BCA

    This is not something which has arisen for me just yet, but it doesn't seem very clear from the CNCC website (operative word in the acronym being "clubs") whether individual members of the BCA can apply for CNCC permits. Anyone know? I am aware that some may say 'join a club', but I have been...
  9. spikey


    FOR SALE (after a shed cleanout): Approx 1 dozen 8mm spits and cones, unused (obviously!). No idea at all what they are worth these days, if anything. Offers??
  10. spikey

    Digging in Stoney Middleton Dale

    Anyone digging up at the top end of the dale? Driving down this afternoon, I noticed a newly built small drystone wall, and "digging spoil" on the north side of the dale, right at the top where it opens out onto the moor. :shrug: Also in Stoney, is all the water pouring down Coombs Dale, and...
  11. spikey

    Taddington - where is all the water?

    Given all the rain we've had over the last 24 hours (A6 under 18" of water in places etc), a thought struck me whilst driving up Taddington Dale. Where is all the water?? For such a pronounced valley there was nothing but a little standing water. (And yes I do know there are plenty of dry...
  12. spikey

    For Sale - Complete Set COPD, NC1, 2 & 3

    As it says on the tin, COPD, and NC1, 2 & 3. All in very good nick, just name and address, and some pencil marks inside, very slight discolouration on the page edges. Prefer to sell as a set. Please post or PM with sensible offers. (As they are also listed elsewhere, I may have to withdraw...
  13. spikey

    FOR SALE (reluctantly) - past caver's gear

    Reluctantly, as I haven't caved in over 3 years, I have decided to sell what gear I have left. Generally comprising (se pics below): Petzl Ecrin Helmet, with carbide + Duo assembly, plus Innox generator. Little used, no falls or impacts (aside from the usual scrapes), carbide in full working...
  14. spikey


    Probably discussed before, but is it possible to upload / insert in a post, pictures directly from my PC, or do they need to be hosted on the net somewhere?
  15. spikey

    Google Earth - Peak District

    This may be something that happened a while ago, and I have not spotted it, but it appears that Google have updated the resolution of the Peak District satellite images to a much higher level. Given that I spend half my working life driving backwards and forwards across this area, it certainly...