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  1. lumenchild

    is this going to poison the river?

    so this group of people are trying to dig out a copper mine and the digging spoils have leaked into a river, I do know where you find copper you find sulphur so i'm wondering is this going to be poisonous to wildlife and the environment of this area? and does anyone recognise this place?
  2. lumenchild

    Love the new UK caving look

    Thank you very much (y)
  3. lumenchild

    Love the new UK caving look

    Now this made me laugh so much, the way it says, i hope this took more than a day ha ha ha love it :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:, even more witty banter from the forum is most welcome, so what is the list of trophies people can get in the new UK caving? It's so much easier to post images and it's easier...
  4. lumenchild

    cave maps in Romania?

    Does anyone have any maps of the cave systems in Romania, that aren't tourist attractions? I'm looking at booking a holiday to go into the Carpathian mountains in Romania with a few friends, and i need a solid excuse to take my caving gear, I know Romania has some beautiful caves, but i'm...
  5. lumenchild

    Coal mining simulator.

    So not sure how many of you like PC gaming in your spare time. Recently there has been a Coal Mining Simulator game created, and they have a free playable demo on steam. so here is the link for those who'd like to try it out.  :beer2...
  6. lumenchild

    Wizards Chasm map or survey?

    Has anyone got a copy of any maps or surveys of wizards Chasm, and information about access. I would love to get to taking some photo's in there, and seeing the beautiful formations. It's been on my to do list for a long time, and i would love to tick it off and get some photos. possibly go...
  7. lumenchild

    Anyone selling Caving Gear?

    Today I received a very sad  :'( phone call from a friend, His house was burgled and his car was stolen with all of his caving gear inside, this afternoon the police found the car burnt out with non of the contents that was in his car  :weep: He can't afford to just go out and buy it all back...
  8. lumenchild

    6-year-old girl dies on mine drop ride

    This is very tragic, what do you think of this ride in a mine shaft? with only a seatbelt for safety! they had no shoulder protector and no belly bar just a seatbelt, the park chose not to add them to add to the experience :o
  9. lumenchild

    anyone travelling south west?

    Hi there I'm just wondering if anyone from up north, will be travelling towards the Mendips this weekend, that I can possibly hitch a ride down to the Mendips?
  10. lumenchild

    Are there any hydrology experts here?

    Hi there, I am looking for a Hydrology expert, I need to ask questions if that ok? I have some hydrology reports and I don't understand them, so I thought I'd ask for help Please PM me Thank you Steph,  ;D
  11. lumenchild

    how do you add pictures?

    How do I upload a photo into a post on UK caving from my PC, it's not showing it in the preview before posting, I have tried using the Insert image feature, and I've tried using the attachments feature, maybe I'm doing it wrong, can anyone please explain how, All help will be greatly...
  12. lumenchild

    Can Bat Conservationists save a mining town?

    Dear Bat Conservationists, I need your help and advice, on how to save a town that has mines in which bats reside from an open cast mining corporation in a different country, who plan to start open cast mining Cyanide, If you are a bat conservationist can you please help, need all the help...
  13. lumenchild

    UK Caving, like Adit now! What do you think?

    It would be cool if you could upload your caving trip photos to your profile to share them amongst the community, on the UK Caving Forum, Adit Now was great the way you could collectively contribute to photos taken at Mines, If Uk caving did allow this feature we would have a collection of...
  14. lumenchild

    Making Silver From Ore Found In An Abandoned Mine,

    Check this out, it's amazing  ;D
  15. lumenchild

    Do you make videos of your caving trips?

    Hi there, Do you make videos of your caving trips, I love nothing more than sitting here of an evening watching peoples caving videos, if you have video's of your caving trips on youtube, please post the links to your channels below, i would be more than happy to subscribe,  :ang: :beer2...
  16. lumenchild

    Do you know what Club?

    Hey Fellow Earthworms and Troglodytes, I am Looking To talk to people, that knew Melissa Milner and her Caving achievements over her career in Caving, that have possibly caved with her in the past, can you please help me find out what CC she was a member of I had been Caving with her in...
  17. lumenchild

    caving gear for sale,

    Hi all, im selling all my caving equipment as sadly i don't have the time for it anymore, petzl stop,  ?20 petzl croll, ?20 proverti hand ascender, ?15 singing rock caving harness ?30 dry suit, ?20 message for details, Kind Regards Stephie Jones
  18. lumenchild

    rubbish fires on expeditions instead of cleaning up after themselves

    so today i was told that a certain gouffre berger explorers club had been lighting fires, What is your opinion on fires in caves?
  19. lumenchild

    whats to explore in burnley?

    hey peeps can anyone tell me if there are any mines or caves i can go explore tomorrow while im in the area <3 x
  20. lumenchild

    half price coffee for green card cavers!

    my business partner and i opened up a new coffee shop in Birkenhead, opposite mc'donalds, charring cross, we sell real coffee, we don't charge starbucks prices, and any caver with a green card automatically gets half price, so if your passing the Wirral please call in  ;)