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  1. Badlad

    North End Pot

    As the sign says, Take Care, Be Aware, Move Slowly:). Hope you weren't rushing about :ROFLMAO:
  2. Badlad

    North End Pot

    As announced elsewhere there is now a rigging topo for North by North End Pot. Also I am grateful to Ray of KCC for placing a couple of conservation signs either side of the crystal pool. This is a delicate structure you have to crawl besides, often when very...
  3. Badlad

    BCA Council Elections

    Indeed. I really don't think those above, who praise anyone for volunteering at BCA, understand just how badly those who tried to modernise BCA were treated by those who wanted to maintain the status quo. All 2xw was trying to do was improve access to caves for under 18s in a Y&D role. Others...
  4. Badlad

    Expedition training

    @HT & SM - if potty training isn't much your thing and you'd just like a bit of general fitness training, we need a few items carrying up to the May Day Hole area of Ingleborough. It's a steady hour and a half walk on an evening and you'd be doing us a big favour. :):):dig:
  5. Badlad

    BCA Council Elections

    There is a chicken and an egg argument here. It may be that the same people standing again and again actually puts other people off standing. The 'filling posts with experienced people' argument is also misleading. Experienced at what? Look at the experience other new faces are bringing to...
  6. Badlad

    BCA Council Elections

    My thoughts on the elections are hopeful. I looked at the two candidates for BCA secretary and read their statements. I can tell just by looking at the proposers and seconders that it is the usual 'old school' v 'modernisers' all over again. Good luck to Aiden (and Rostam), I sincerely hope...
  7. Badlad

    Hidden Earth 2024

    Well done for getting it together, but I do wish you'd announce it earlier.
  8. Badlad

    BCA Annual General Meeting

    When you say "two nominations from the floor", am I right in assuming these were for vacant positions? Or... Is it possible that where you have a candidate who has given advance notice of his intention to stand, a nominee from the floor can still challenge and go forward to the vote? I...
  9. Badlad

    Individual caver representative

    Hey all. There is a CNCC meeting on 22nd June. If there is anything you'd like me to bring up relating to individual caver representation, please let me know. See the OP above for some details. Contact me on here or via Cheers Tim
  10. Badlad

    BCA Annual General Meeting

    Having bumped into Russell this morning, apparently the AGM is tomorrow. Good luck to Rostam and anyone else volunteering.
  11. Badlad

    Bones found in mud banking

    If you are in the Dales, PM me, and I'll put you in touch with someone. We recently uncovered human remains in a dig so i can tell you what we did.
  12. Badlad

    Expedition training

    Start off with just a couple of pints every other day. Increase the number of pints gradually and then move to a strict daily regime. By the time you get up to eight a day you'll be ready to take on anything Austria has to offer. Worked for me anyway ;) :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  13. Badlad

    sporting trips in uk

    Trying posting them on here under a descriptive thread title. Perhaps just one at a time or in installments. There is quite decent readership and the forum is searchable. Also everything is stored and available.
  14. Badlad

    BCA finances

    Not exactly, it was support for the magazine paid through advertising. Around 3k a year if I remember correctly. I was on council at the time - five or six years ago. The ex chairman came to the meeting to say he'd been having discussions with the owner of Descent and that it was struggling...
  15. Badlad

    Denis Bushell

    Very sad news. I always thought of him as a youngster. Surely gone before his time. RIP
  16. Badlad

    BCA Outdoors for All

    Be aware that just joining SRA will do nothing for BCA. You'll need to understand what SRA can actually do for you. You will need someone on council to actively engage with them. That will take (volunteer) resource which will need to be allocated. Has BCA got that available? I remember...
  17. Badlad

    CHECC Sponsorship Update

    Looking forward to seeing our entry on your website. For three years we sponsored the CHECC forum to a tune of over £1000, on one year to £1500, for the 'grand' prize. This included full SRT kits, rope, helmets, lights, tackle bags, etc. We also gave up our weekends to travel down to the...
  18. Badlad

    North End Pot

    Oops, sorry Sam if I jumped the gun. I thought you were done.
  19. Badlad

    North End Pot

    It looks great from the bottom but beware. This will only give you some idea of the loose rocks and crumbling walls half way down the shaft.
  20. Badlad

    North End Pot

    Hi all We have now finished our work down North by North End Pot. The entrance dig has been tidied up and made stock proof, survey work is complete and new conservation taping installed around Llean Bean Aven and up to the Pig Trough. All our ropes and gear have been pulled out. Sam has...