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  1. shotlighter

    Orgreave Rally

    I've heard many an ex pit man say more or less the same thing - the miners biggest enemy's were Thatcher AND Scargill. The miners were caught in the middle.
  2. shotlighter

    Why AI and Algorithms are utter rubbish

    Same word "clemmed" is part of N Staffs/Potteries dialect too - as in "arm clemmed death ".
  3. shotlighter

    Friday joke - WARNING - contains swearing.

    There is of course the third & more likely possibility - the cat will be absolutely bloody furious!
  4. shotlighter

    BCA pros and cons

    Bob I'm guessing that this prospectus was before the virtual shutdown in caving when the BCRA and regional insurances were ended? There is no mention of the "third party indemnity" for land owners, that IIRC became the lynch pin for restoring access.
  5. shotlighter

    AI Wezzit

    The wires sticking up looks like what you'd see in a broken cathode ray tube or valve base.
  6. shotlighter

    Oak stemple from Far Sump Extension

    Its really quite informative as an exhibit. You can easily see the sharpened end where it fits the "egg" & t'other end shows evidence of it being knocked into the "eye" - & it's in great nick! (Think I've got the "egg & eye" the right way round!)
  7. shotlighter

    Missing nuts in Whalf!

    Thats a cracking idea. Even better if the threaded rod cound be made replacable somehow? Edit, an alternative to bending would be welding a short bit of angle to the end of that flat bar.
  8. shotlighter

    Missing nuts in Whalf!

    Sorry can't comment on the inner lid construction, as that was a later addition by someone else.
  9. shotlighter

    Missing nuts in Whalf!

    The threads have not done too badly, considering the weather and dirty conditions they are in. I just realised that they've done 24years. Tempus fugit again!
  10. shotlighter

    Missing nuts in Whalf!

    Whalf Engine shaft is 16mm.
  11. shotlighter

    Sheet steel

    Good advise! Some years ago, my father in law made a father in law shaped hole in the wall of a boilerhouse, containing the oil tank he was cutting! (Unfortunately he survived.)
  12. shotlighter

    Best ever bands that are still hanging around

    Judas Priest are still going & Rob H doesn't seem to have lost much of his voice either - unlike a lot of old vocalists, who seem to be lip syncing half the time!
  13. shotlighter

    Best ever bands that are still hanging around

    Alcatrazz and Girls School are still touring and recording too. They did a joint tour last year.
  14. shotlighter

    First Aid Kits

    Triangular bandage and electrical (or gaffer) tape. - But only if I'm being organised! The most important kit in many outdoor cases, is what you have with you & the ability to improvise. 6 months back, I ended up using a shirt sleeve, 2 gloves, a bike innertube & a cable tie as a pressure...
  15. shotlighter

    Peak cavernTrenches, mud collapse

    It's in Pitlamp's Peak Cavern book, page 60.
  16. shotlighter

    Brightest and hungriest black hole yet detected...............

    But only if you never glid before.
  17. shotlighter

    What do you talk about on trips?

    Ill take your word for it. It was still the funniest conversation, in the most bizarre situation that Ive ever witnessed!
  18. shotlighter

    What do you talk about on trips?

    Most memorable one: Heiseburgs uncertainty principle being discussed by a physics teacher, a postman and a mining engineer. It ending with the former being declared " bloody crackers", by the others.
  19. shotlighter

    Wellies / rain boots advice

    Not sure what youre looking at. Its used in linament etc. See also methyl salicylate.
  20. shotlighter

    Wellies / rain boots advice

    Flannel vest and long John's soaked in wintergreen & sewn into each autumn. Worked for my Great Grandad!