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  1. Christian_Chourot

    Lost - Purse

    Lost - 1 purse (not mine!  ;)) The young lady in question thinks that she may have lost it in or around the Swildons barn on Thursday night. If anyone knows anything, can they let me know and I'll pass on their details to her. Ta.
  2. Christian_Chourot

    Helmets: Modes of failure

    This got me wondering, have people got any stories and preferably pictures of their damaged/visibly undamaged (although obviously potentially unsafe) lids after a significant impact? I'm interested in what ways different helmets have failed in different circumstances and also, if anybody has had...
  3. Christian_Chourot

    Time for a new forum section?

    Well, I feel it's time that someone asked the people of ukCaving what they want, a referendum if you will...
  4. Christian_Chourot

    What (that's caving related) is on your christmas list?

    Like the subject says. I'm wondering if there's anything great that I've forgotten that I'd like!
  5. Christian_Chourot


    Does anyone have any experience of working with fibreglass? Never done anything with it before and I need to know a few things before I embark on a project - don't know where to start looking and haven't had much success with google.
  6. Christian_Chourot

    Found - Something neoprene in Priddy changing barn on 26/11/08

    As the title says, I picked up something made of neoprene this evening from the Priddy barn. If you think it's yours, PM me with a description and I'll sort out returning it to you.
  7. Christian_Chourot

    Adopt a 'Priddyite' as a caver initiative

    When exiting Eastwater with 3 novices today, I found a man from Priddy staking out the entrance while walking his dog. He told me he wanted to try caving and needed some advice to get started. I've taken his number and offered to find him a friendly local club to take him caving for the first...
  8. Christian_Chourot

    Lost - Belt and 2 krabs between Priddy green and Swildon's

    I'm sure I left my yellow caving belt behind while peeing in a bush before entering the cave but it and the 2 shiny krabs, 1 oval, 1 pear shaped (and brand new), all three marked with red, white and blue tape were gone by the time I returned to look for it. I definitely lost it between the green...
  9. Christian_Chourot

    Searching Mendip for the best Cream Tea!

    I'd like to find somewhere on Mendip tomorrow, preferably near Cheddar for a really good cream tea - plenty of clotted cream and warm scones and generous amounts of tea for a reasonable price. Suggestions anyone? My standards are high! We'd like to get one before/after popping in to see...
  10. Christian_Chourot

    Inside The Petzl Duo

    A while ago I took my Duo apart to explore why it wasn't working too well. I thought I'd take it apart again and take some pictures to show everyone what's inside. First things first - If you do any of this, before you start, take the batteries out, there is a lot of bare metal inside and I...
  11. Christian_Chourot

    Repeat burglaries in rural areas

    Following an occasion upon which some lovely gentlemen relieved us of a generator and some gas bottles at our hut in the Mendips, it would appear that they returned recently to enquire whether we had replaced them yet, the answer being no. Does anybody have any experience of detering theft in...
  12. Christian_Chourot

    OFD Keys Midweek

    Four of us from UBSS were hoping to go caving in OFD (not OFD I though, I know you need to contact the family by the cave in advance) and we've never had the chance to go midweek before now. Would there be anyone around at SWCC (or somewhere else) to get a key from tomorrow? If not, how much...
  13. Christian_Chourot

    Caving and Energy Expenditure

    1. Has anyone come accross any research about the energy expenditure during caving? Now we all know that caving is as physically demanding as you want it to be and that it's so varied it would be impossible to come up with a hard and fast value but I'd be interested if anyone has ever done any...
  14. Christian_Chourot

    Unintentional Refreshment at Stoke Lane

    19/07/08 - Me and Debs (UBSS) Stoke Lane - 2nd time for me, Debs her 1st Twas a glorious sunny afternoon and I found the cave fairly easily - last time I wasn't driving or paying much attention. On route we made a quick conditions check courtesy of Bru (thank you! :bow:) After kitting up...
  15. Christian_Chourot

    Inglesport Innuendo

    I apologise in advance for just being plain dirty minded, but I couldn't help but snigger when I read this description on Inglesport: #P05. Petzl Fixe fixed side pulley with a self-lubricating bush, the FIXE is designed for use with Petzl ascenders, excellent for equipment hauling ratchet...
  16. Christian_Chourot

    Mendip Daytime Antics

    Anyone fancy doing some caving during the day on Mendip tomorrow? It's about time I started putting some names and faces to the avatars and psuedonyms!
  17. Christian_Chourot

    What's the time?

    When does the forum time get changed to British Summer Time?
  18. Christian_Chourot

    Petzl Duo - Beyond the bezel...

    Has anyone already opened up the light end of the petzl duo to extracate the cable and see where the cable joins the light? If so, I'd appreciate any advice/pictures that you may have...
  19. Christian_Chourot


    Following a committee meeting tonight, it falls to me to ask this question for our interest (but not decision making!): What type/specification of rope is the lifeline of choice for people nowadays? I eagerly await the disagreements...
  20. Christian_Chourot

    Breaking krabs (not braking krabs!)

    I know the rest of these but can somebody enlighten me on this one?