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  1. phil

    Firefly 3

    Blind bat gone. Firefly still available
  2. phil

    Firefly 3

    Does anyone still use these? I have 2: one working, the other does not seem to power on, even with new battery Also have a customduo BlindBat, used once! Open to any offers, sitting doing nothing in the...
  3. phil

    Tresviso Caves Project with SUSS 2023 - Rope sponsorship entry

    A brief summary of the overall expedition: Cueva del Nacimiento – Barbenheimer & the Shepton Mallet Matador The limit of exploration of Nacimiento was reached in the first few days of the expedition. The main route, following the fault, was pushed for another 100m to a lowering and a damp low...
  4. phil

    Tresviso Caves Project with SUSS 2023 - Rope sponsorship entry

    Tresviso 2023 The 2023 expedition will continue with the exploration of the resurgence caves around Tresviso, specifically the newly discovered ‘way on’ at the end of Cueva del Nacimiento, high level climbing leads in Cueva de la Marniosa and an attempt once more will be made on the streamway...
  5. phil

    Tresviso Caves Project with SUSS 2023 - Rope sponsorship entry

    In just under 2 weeks the members of the 2023 expedition, to Tresviso, will be leaving the UK by various means to travel across to Spain. All being well there will be blog updates from both the top camp and bottom ‘camp’. Overview & brief history: The Picos de Europa is a range of mountains...
  6. phil

    Rope offer for summer expos

    Many thanks from Tresviso expedition also, will be put to good use.
  7. phil

    Lost - Blue Lyon bag and contents, New Goyden

    Lost, most likely between the two pitches. Small Blue 'personal' Lyon bag containing Neoprene hood and Red dry bag with batteries and chocolate bar.
  8. phil

    Expeditions Jan - August?

    Maybe too late in the year.... but the Tresviso expedition runs over the first couple of weeks in September
  9. phil

    Northern CSG spring meetup

    Yes, interested
  10. phil

    Peli 1600 case for sale

    I have a Peli 1600 case that I no longer need and I'm looking to sell. It's about 5 years old, but been outside twice (one of which was the garden) and used to hold a drone.  New foam will be required (or the same drone...) They are around ?250 new and I'm looking for around ?120 and then...
  11. phil

    Jeep Z6 micro usb charger

    Can anyone with a Jeep Z6 recommend a micro usb charger that will work?  As the port is set back slightly and protected,  I'm having issues charging it with a standard micro USB.  I did buy some cheap 8mm long connector ones, but they don't appear to work..... Any advice on a working one that...
  12. phil

    Rope Sponsor Entry - Tresviso 2017

    Tresviso 2017 The Picos de Europa is a range of mountains 20km inland from the northern coast of Spain, forming part of the Cantabrian Mountains.  It consists of three main areas, the Central, Eastern and Western Massifs.  It was the Eastern Massif (or Andara) that drew the attention of...
  13. phil

    Wanted: Cascade Caver No 35

    Does anyone have a copy of Cascade Caver No 35.  I have already emailed the cascade grotto to try and get hold of a copy.
  14. phil

    Tresviso 2011

    SWCC Tresviso 2011 expedition leaving next week.  I will attempt to keep a blog, although no guarantee of being able to connect t'internet and no guarantee of anything interesting happening.
  15. phil

    Lift this weekend (11th - 13th Feb)

    Is anyone heading down to the club this weekend, Friday 11th - Sunday 13th, from York / Leeds area and wants to share a lift? Phil
  16. phil

    Another Spain trip

    Any SWCC members interested in a week-long light weight expedition to the Eastern Massif, Picos de Europa?  A few good leads to follow up but require some more manpower / cost saving. Dates are Friday 3rd September ? to Tuesday 14th September (these are ferry dates but nothing to stop people...