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  1. footleg

    Help Sid Perou celebrate his 80th Birthday, say thank you to a caving hero

    When I was young, I was inspired to seek out the incredible world of caving through the films of Sid Perou. I am sure many of my fellow cavers were the same. Later as a young adult as I was starting to try making caving videos myself, I got to know Sid in person and discovered him to be one of...
  2. footleg

    Therion Tutorial Update - Data Structures and Layouts

    Hot off the press, I have published another update to my Therion Tutorial. Since the last revision in November 2015 I have simplified the recommendations on larger project data structures (I realised my own projects were not following my advice I had written!), and added a new lesson on defining...
  3. footleg

    Therion Tutorial Published

    I recently published a significant update to my Therion training tutorial, suitable for beginners trying to get to grips with this cave survey drawing software. Available to download from here: (If in future this link becomes obsolete then look at the...
  4. footleg

    Cave Converter gets a graphical user interface

    A new version (20151014) of my Cave Converter tool is now available, and for the first time can be run as a desktop application (e.g. It has a graphical front end so you can browse for files, open and tweak them and then convert them). Cave Converter converts between various cave survey file...
  5. footleg

    Cave Panoramas and Virtual Tours

    Finally fixed up my caving panoramas online to work on mobile devices. This is a new one added to the tour, taken in July 2014 a couple of days after we discovered this chamber for the first time. The interactive tour version can be found here:
  6. footleg

    Arthur Butcher Award

    This award will be under consideration at Hidden Earth this year, as usual. Details at If anyone has ideas they think should be considered, please PM me, preferably sooner than later, so we can get more detail. Thanks Footleg On behalf of CSG
  7. footleg

    Cave Surveying Group AGM at Hidden Earth this year

    The CSG annual general meeting will be held at HE as usual. Time to be confirmed on the conference timetable at the weekend itself.  This is not a very formal meeting, and is a great chance to meet other cave surveyors and talk about what you are interested in regarding cave surveying in the UK...
  8. footleg

    2 x Disto x310 1st prizes at Cave Surveying Competitions at Hidden Earth 2014

    A reminder that there will be a Cave Survey salon again at Hidden Earth this year, with 1st prize for the best printed survey of a brand new Disto X310. There is also a second Disto X310 (both donated by Leica Geosystems for a second year) up for grabs for the best submission to the Cave Data...
  9. footleg

    Panoramic Cave Photography: Live webcast tomorrow (26th Jan. 2014 at 4pm GMT)

    Tomorrow I am presenting my work on panoramic cave photography as part of a live web broadcast: Join us live at 16:00 GMT, Sun. 26th Jan. 2014 if you would like to ask me any questions about technique or equipment. If you've ever...
  10. footleg

    New release of Cave Converter for testing

    The latest development on Cave Converter has added a number of useful new features. Extensive testing has already enabled a number of bugs in the new code to be fixed. But with the number of bugs uncovered using the available test data this beta release has been put out to enable testing with a...
  11. footleg

    Photography Workshop this weekend in Mendip

    UK based photographers may be interested in the BCRA Cave Technology Symposium event in Mendip this coming weekend. On Saturday I am running a workshop/hands on instruction session on photographing in caves using LED lights. I'll be bringing lights for people to have a go with and can offer...
  12. footleg

    Newly uploaded caving AV

    This is the caving AV I made based on the second half of the Hidden Earth opening AV 2008 I made with Eddy Sharp-Pencil, remixed and with my own music in order to enter in the ICS 2009 competition in Texas. Finally got around to uploading it on youtube. Amazing Caves (ICS 2009) Best watched in...
  13. footleg

    Hidden Earth 2011 - car share? Cambridge via A14-M6-M42-M5 to Monmouth and back

    Finding myself driving to Hidden Earth on my own, I am looking for anyone who would like to car share (my car as I have lots to bring). I can pick up and drop off on route from Cambridge, via A14-M6-M42-M5. Travelling there Friday after work. Returning Sunday after conference ends. PM me if...
  14. footleg

    Digital Cave Surveying Training - Sunday 10th April 2011

    Details are posted in the surveying section of the forum here: Just posting this notice in the area forum in case people do not generally browse the Surveying section but would be interested.
  15. footleg

    Pocket Topo/DistoX/Survey Drawing Software Training - Peaks Sun. 10th April

    As people should already be aware, the weekend of 9-10th April 2011 is the annual Cave Technology Symposium (on the Sat.) in Hulland Ward in the Peak District. The Sunday is traditionally a Cave Surveying Group (CSG) field meeting. This year the intention was to offer training on paperless cave...
  16. footleg

    Caving Adventure Films at ShAFF 2011

    Caving is getting some good exposure at the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival this year. Forum regulars Robbie Shone and Rob Eavis are also presenting. Press info follows: From its humble origins showing the best of the UK?s adventure films to sell-out audiences, the Sheffield Adventure Film...
  17. footleg

    New DistoX in the waterproof Disto DXT

    Info from a surveying email list I am on: According to Beat is considering to build his DistoX module for the new DXT Disto ( ), waterproof, shockproof and...
  18. footleg

    In cave headlamp comparisons website

    Just came across this excellent site showing in cave comparisons of caving lamps side by side: Original discussion thread where I came across the link was on the US cavechat forum:
  19. footleg

    Just seen on US board:World class cavediving film maker, Wes Skiles, passed away

    Sad news which I just saw in the US caving forum:
  20. footleg

    New Zealand new cave depth record Some dubious claims in the article (regarding deepest cave in the world positioning*), but sounds like a record for New Zealand cave depth all the same. *(Passed 1000 metre mark, now 10th deepest in the world...