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  1. GemmaJones

    Peak District Punter Trip Required

    Hello! I've not done much caving in the Peak District and want to know if there is a Peak District equivalent to Skirwith or Yordas please. So either abandoned show caves or caves with a big chamber that you can go into for a quick look without breaking the bank. Thank you! Gemma
  2. GemmaJones


    UNCC is off caving to Austria this Summer and I was wondering if anyone has any info on the caves out there please.  Are there any guide books - preferably English, but German if not or are there any trip reports on any club's web pages that describe good trips in detail that anyone knows of...
  3. GemmaJones

    Caving in Cameroon

    Am off to Cameroon in a few months and wondering if anyone has been to any caves there?  The underground atlas implies that there is no areas of karst known but that there may be some lava caves - anyone know where abouts they are? Thanks, Gemma
  4. GemmaJones


    I'm camping in Dent this weekend.  Does anyone know if there's been any significant extensions to any of the caves in NC3 (ie are any of them longer than 2 metres now?)  Or any recommendations of caves to do in Dentdale (without sumps please?)  I have done Ibbeth Peril (1+2) - they were good but...
  5. GemmaJones

    Wookey Hole and Rabbits

    Was listening to the local radio at lunchtime today and on their news they said that the owners of Wookey Hole were in trouble for feeding their rabbit full fat cheese as now the rabbit is morbidly obese and the RSPCA have had to get involved.  I think they said the RSPCA had actually taken the...