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  1. Piglet

    Speleo Camp Laze, Slovenia

    From memory - I think we went before 2009 - there was a main bunkroom sleeping about 12, a smaller room with a set of bunks and a double bed, then a kitchen, dining room, large toilet/shower block, although not many toilets I think :unsure:. Plus I seem to remember a separate sort of separate...
  2. Piglet

    Moorfurlong access and ladder

    I went in a fortnight ago. Someone else sorted access but as far as I know the landowner is happy to let people go in and the access fee is £2. The ladder's fine, it's very vertical but in good nick. Just be aware that the rungs aren't always evenly spaced, which can catch you out, especially...
  3. Piglet

    Daleswear Rucksack Personal Tackle Bag Red/Yellow

    See eBay -
  4. Piglet

    P8 photo

    I recently passed this photo to the BCA Library (given to me by a fellow PDMHS member). On the back it says 'entrance of P8' but does anyone know who the person is and anything else about the picture?
  5. Piglet

    Nettle Pot - Beza

    Third (?) deviation on Beza - the tat broke yesterday - sorry, I don't have any other information, I wasn't on the trip, just passing on the message.  ;)
  6. Piglet

    Knotlow Caverns

    The deviation above Pearl Chamber has no in-situ tat on it at the moment.    :confused:
  7. Piglet

    Accommodation in Lans-en-Vercors, France

    We're hoping to go to the Vercors in early September with a group of about 8-12 people.  :) I know that a number of British cavers were out there for the European Congress in 2008 and wondered if anyone can recommend a gite or similar in the general area of Lans-en-Vercors?  Camping isn't...
  8. Piglet

    Found - Adjustable Spanner in Water Icicle

    Found at the bottom of the shaft the other weekend, a small adjustable spanner. PM me if you've lost one.  :)
  9. Piglet

    Water Icicle Close Cavern - CO2 Monitoring

    A box containing pen/pencil/notepad has been placed near the bottom of the entrance shaft to monitor any bad air (CO2) that is encountered in Water Icicle Close Cavern.  A note of where any CO2 is noticed and any symptoms felt by cavers would be extremely useful, as well as any obvious weather...
  10. Piglet

    Coast to Coast... Underground

    A group of us were up in Nenthead over the May Bank Holiday and the C2C route runs right through the Mining Heritage site there, with walkers and cyclists coming through all day long. We began to debate the possibilities of a Coast to Coast route underground...    :-\
  11. Piglet

    Red krabs lost in Marble Steps

    We visited Marble Steps last Saturday and lost two pretty new, shiny, red, oval, alloy, screwgate karabiners :down:.  Doh!!!  If anyone finds them I'd really appreciate it if you could let me know - we'll be in the area again at Easter. Cheers.  :thumbsup:
  12. Piglet

    Sunday Times - Journalists do JH trip

    I understand that their 'write-up' of this trip will be in the Sunday Times soon, probably 10 September. Piglet
  13. Piglet

    Cleaning Stinky Helmets

    I've tried all sorts to stop my helmet smelling really vile  :yucky:; soaking it in a bucket of washing liquid is the usual favourite, but the smell just keeps on coming back. Does anyone have any bright ideas/successful methods? Ta  Piglet.