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  1. BikinGlynn

    Why AI and Algorithms are utter rubbish

    Slightly off topic but I did jury service last year & had a murder of 18yr old black drug dealer case. We actually had a expert in court to translate all the "text speak" in the evidence pack!
  2. BikinGlynn

    Sheet steel

    we handle 10mm plates for breakfast ;)
  3. BikinGlynn

    For those who are scared..

    Maybe just try hypnosis
  4. BikinGlynn

    Very silly pics

  5. BikinGlynn

    Very silly pics

    nothing wrong with that, our kit frequently gets cleaned like this!
  6. BikinGlynn

    how did you get into caving

    The short story is Im just a adrenaline junkie, I was quite claustrophobic so liked to give myself the buzz, I got over that so moved on to SRT to push my boundaries again, whats next? cave diving I guess! the long version was finding local mines which were always like a holy grail that only...
  7. BikinGlynn

    This sort of thing exasperates me!

    He does you tube vids = hes a tit period!
  8. BikinGlynn

    Travel might be interesting tomorrow.

    Did a day exploring from Northants driving to huddersfield & rochdale, no issues
  9. BikinGlynn

    NCHECC antics at Alum Pot

    It does look like that lol
  10. BikinGlynn

    Climbing wall rules

    well Iv been riding & racing mountain bikes over 35yr & have had many a crash with no serious injuries im sorry but I do feel its a throw away culture that of course the manufactures want you to participate in. I would be interested to see too what the actual difference in testing a helmet or a...
  11. BikinGlynn

    Photography Showcase 3 per week limit

    love ya last shot
  12. BikinGlynn

    Climbing wall rules

    absolutely, same for most PPE. My cycling helmets usually last well over 10yr no issues but of course manufactures recommend changing them every 5!
  13. BikinGlynn

    Remarkable! - Halloween drone display in Dubai.............

    Who needs drones when u live down my road 😁 I'm.pic 10
  14. BikinGlynn

    Environmental water “control”

    Yep they cant make our water pollution much worse whatever happens!
  15. BikinGlynn

    Suspension Trauma

    I only know a small amount what we have been taught in MEWP training. falling with a fall arrest harness & rear mount point they say you can become unconscious in 3 min. Again Im not sure there was any evidence to support this, it was the usual H&S training scare tactics I believe
  16. BikinGlynn

    Remarkable! A wind-powered sculpture..............

    remarkably pointless!
  17. BikinGlynn

    Caving Suit Colours

    They should deff do a camo one for those more discrete explores!
  18. BikinGlynn

    I wasnt really in the scene very long before the closure of Adit but from what I remember it was a excellent resource, I would certainly like to see its return asap.
  19. BikinGlynn

    British Fluorspar

    damn missed them, could of been a decent explore that
  20. BikinGlynn

    Mystery Bangor 'Cave'

    no it wasnt! he is a guy that thinks breaking into live buildings is the way urbex should be done then brags about how many places in the UK hes banned from (which is literally every theme park, shopping centre & most town centres) hes a plague on every decent explorers lives & I wish he (& most...