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  1. Cartwright26

    Bakers Pit broken into again....

    So afyer a bit of a stupid post by a group encouraging people to cut locks off of caves we have had two more locks cut from bakers pit..... here is a facebook post that ive copied..... do people not understand that conservation and protection is important? **IMPORTANT NEWS PLEASE READ***...
  2. Cartwright26

    Devon Cave Rescue Organisation Facebook comp

    WIN WITH DEVON CRO!! [color=blue]Please follow this link if you have facebook, thank you  :thumbsup:
  3. Cartwright26

    caving on tv

    Discovery plus 1 deadliest job interview. Blue spring cave
  4. Cartwright26

    troll rocker and troll pro allp tech

    Hi i have recently been given a few items two of which are in the title does anybody have any experience using the rocker as a fall arrest/self belay and anyone use the pro allp tech as a decender? I currently us the petzl stop but reading up on the P.A.T it seems a more gucci option?
  5. Cartwright26

    the cavers thesaurus

    Ok so during my times as a caver i have learnt that when  your buddy tells you to head on through/up/down that and you ask what said obstacle is like? you get a reply of its interesting! what they actually mean is it downright bloody aweful. I have also learnt that "a bit" of an exposed climb...
  6. Cartwright26

    mr grylls mine exploration

    Just watched Un-bearable grylls on running wild and he was with micheal b jordon and launced him into a m**e in wals before using explosives to remove the gate at the end. Does anyone know what m**e this was and has the gate been sorted
  7. Cartwright26


    An email recieved from DCUC! I have been asked by Alan Finch, secretary at the Pengelly Centre, to let you all know that Joint Mitnor Cave and Reeds Cave were broken into lately and certain artefacts such as the elephant tooth were stolen. The Police have been informed and I met with them on...
  8. Cartwright26

    batterys 800x better

    here is a piece on a new device and if it works it coud be amazing for the likes of the duo An incredible new gadget claims to increase the life of any disposable battery by 800%. It's going on sale later this year for just ?1.60, and it could save us a fortune in batteries. The gadget is...
  9. Cartwright26

    your SRT configuration

    So im wandering what are peoples favourite setup from left to right on your D ring? Ive seen diferent setups such as croll on far right or cowstails then croll then jumar etc. Currently i have from my right to left croll, stop, jumar, cowstails (long and short tied with barrel knots with two...
  10. Cartwright26

    Warm or cool?

    What do people prefer to use for lamp leds warm or cool and are there any pros and cons to either?
  11. Cartwright26

    Bull pot incident

    Sadly it looks as if there was a fatality last night in bull pot
  12. Cartwright26

    A30 closed near redruth due to mine opening up in the road

    Comments (0) The A30 westbound between Scorrier and Redruth has been closed after a huge 25 ft -deep mineshaft appeared. The hole ? about 14 ft and 3 ft wide ? appeared shortly before 1 pm and police closed the road. Drivers are being diverted to the A3047 at Scorrier. Cornwall Council?s...
  13. Cartwright26

    Lost land of the volcano

    Lost land of the volcano on bbc iplayer, an amazing new cave system in papa new guinea its worth a watch!!!
  14. Cartwright26

    Lost blue bag with petzl pixa and cree led hand torch pridhamsleigh

    Hi All, Have you or do you know anyone that has found a blue waterproof bag at prid car parking area containing a petzl pixa lamp, a cree led hand torch and some tape, this was a couple of weeks ago. Many thanks Joe
  15. Cartwright26

    Bakers pit Devon
  16. Cartwright26

    Go pro settings for underground

    Hi can any one offer any experience or advice on optimal settings for underground filming on a go pro hero 3+ silver addition?
  17. Cartwright26

    Pearl ear rings and a human shaped plug

    This is my trip report that is also on the devon speleological society site; This evening saw us have a trip into dog hole the old cave prospecting for potential dig sites and a general look around after there not being enough for our "planned events" for the evening. Simon mentioned that...
  18. Cartwright26

    Strange noise in pridhamsleigh cavern

    Very random but tonight i took the better half on her first trip into prid, a very easy cave, we were in junction chamber on our way to the top of the mud slide when we had stopped then all of a sudden heard a screeching, almost like a vixen crying or a lady screaming, but being so far into the...
  19. Cartwright26

    People enlarging squeezes again

    First gentlewomans now some bugger has enlarged the squeeze in mossdale pot ;)
  20. Cartwright26

    Highways agency

    Has anybody had any experience with approaching highways agency regarding accessing there land/cave entrance on there land even though the cave runs under someone elses land who has said we can access it IF we can gain permission fr highways, i have it on good authority that highways can...