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  1. DaveyDubz

    Student caving club associated expeditions

    ICCC Slovenia is going ahead! It's the 30th anniversary for us and the 50th anniversary of exploration by the local club the JSPDT. Email and reference the expedition and someone will put you in touch with Ben Richards who is expo leader this year.
  2. DaveyDubz

    Shuttleworth Pot

    Ropes were still up last weekend and in good condition too (though the first pitch would benefit from a deviation). Then again, it's not too much rope to carry if you've got it.
  3. DaveyDubz

    Alum pot extra P hangers

    Had a trip down the NW route yesterday. The 2 best positioned trees at the top (where it looked like the route was meant to go) didn't look very lively, however using 2 nearby trees (a bit closer to the stile) it was perfectly doable. If it helps your numbers then 20m took me exactly to bolt 32...
  4. DaveyDubz

    Cave rescue - Krizna Jama - Slovenia For the most accurate details the JRS update their Facebook page regularly, it's got some good photos on it too.
  5. DaveyDubz

    Cave rescue - Krizna Jama - Slovenia

    The JRS posted on Facebook at 15:05 CET that all rescuers and trapped persons are out.
  6. DaveyDubz

    Boxhead - Cracker in WET conditions

    I would second this, going up the top pitch of Its a cracker the day after a night of heavy rain is unpleasant but possible (mainly bad for the derigger). Boxhead is ok as although the first pitch does take water you are out of it if you use the deviation. Just note that with water flowing over...
  7. DaveyDubz

    illusion pot

    You may be aware of it already but the CDG have a page with the results of several rain gauges on it (Including the one in Clapham). It's a very helpful resource to get an idea of recent rainfall. Hope you had a good trip!
  8. DaveyDubz

    Necropolis - Large Pot - Where does the water go?

    This rather wet weather has got me armchair caving and thinking. I've been reading a chapter from Caves and Karst of the Yorkshire Dales by Tony Waltham and Tim Allen - Chapter: Caves of Leck Fell and Ireby Fell. (This chapter available freely online) While the authors are talking about drainage...
  9. DaveyDubz

    Glasfurb's : did I get to the end?

    When I went in Feb 2023, after passing east through the crawls towards the area marked as Choke, I was presented with a 3m pool which then turned 90 degrees left (don't remember much on the right Topcat) as a duck under an arch with maybe 5cm of airspace but only right in the middle, with quite...
  10. DaveyDubz

    Dezela Zlatoroga: ICCC/JSPDT Slovenia Expedition 2023

    What is the Hallelujah branch, where is Brezno Pod Vrhom Planje you may be asking. All shall be revealed in low resolution (unless you want to compile our data from Github)! Please see the Planje surface location, Primadona System (part of the main Sistem Migovec System) Extended Elevation and a...
  11. DaveyDubz

    Flash bulbs

    ICCC have been having a stores clear out. We have approximately 30-50 Philips Photoflux flash bulbs. If you would like some or know what to do with them please get in touch. :) Trying to resist the urge to plug one in...
  12. DaveyDubz

    Imperial College Contact - St Margarets Hut

    Hi Matt, Sorry about the slow reply. The part of Imperial that looks after the hut 'Move Imperial' took some time to respond. Unfortunately their response was "The Hut is only useable by Imperial staff and students." Hope you can still organise a good meet! Davey :)