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  1. Stones

    Rope found in pandora mine

    Might be worth posting it on Buddlepit too
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    Croesor/Rhoysdd through trip that doesnt involve the two abseils.

    Once over the zip with the single beam you will come to another zip line, once over this zip you will abseil down. Then you will pick up the traditional route at abseil 2 (I think)
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    CRTT - No rope of Croesor 1st Pitch

    There's a few members from UCET that will be going on that date. You'll be more than welcome to join us, we will be doing the high level route so you will need a tandem pulley for the Tyrolean's. I will PM you when I have the meet location and time
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    CRTT - No rope of Croesor 1st Pitch

    Personally, I think it should be left rigged because it's only going to send the unprepared onto the high level route, which could have more serious consequences
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    How big is the average UK caving club?

    My Guess is 38
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    Do you wash your wet socks?

    I have a dedicated caving washing machine, and i don't use any detergent in it
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    Others Near CTT

    There isn't a rigging topo, that i know of, that's probably because all the ropes are in-situ
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    Croesor Rhosydd - Boat is stuck

    I know it's not 45m, but I'm in possession of 22m of steel cable if that's any use?
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    Croesor Rhosydd - Boat is stuck

    The division that bypasses the first abseil is actually a more difficult route.
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    Looking for recommendations in NE Wales.. This web page will help you find what you're looking for
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    Welsh Wezzit

    Is the first picture around Minera? Stab in the dark on the bouns picture, Loggerheads?
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    Welsh Wezzit

    Correct, it's one of the Barclays caverns. Over to you shotlighter
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    Welsh Wezzit

    It is on that level
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    Welsh Wezzit

    That's the adjoining chamber
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    Welsh Wezzit

    This passage adjoins a well photographed chamber, the adjoining chamber is also on the front cover of a recent book.
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    Welsh Wezzit

    Not Llyn Parc, ChrisJC is in the right area.
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    Welsh Wezzit

    Here's my Wezzit
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    Welsh Wezzit

    Lost cave of St George?
  19. Stones

    Llanferes Dog Rescue

    The pictures put up by cave rescue on Facebook were a dead give away, especially to people who have explored the area for many years.
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    Cwmystwyth confrontation

    What is it with some people 🙄