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  1. martinb

    Treak Cliff, 60 years ago

    Interesting to see the reel of what looks to be electrical cable outside the top entrance/exit, obviously just in the process of bringing new fangled electricity...... Vicky must have been just a babe in arms.....
  2. martinb

    Entrances around treak cliff hillside

    Before discovering the new bits in Treak Cliff, myself and Markc of this parish did have a wander around the hillside poking and prodding various holes. We did attempt to dig out Tree Hole or where we thought it was, but we gave up as we think we were digging just a scree pile. However, after...
  3. martinb

    Cussey Pot, Eyam

    Not sure I believe in dowsing, but didn't JSB start a dig in Linen Dale somewhere? He was digging at the top of the dale close to the top of SMD IIRC
  4. martinb

    Cave/Mine at Stoney

    Hmm, One that Markc of this parish missed when he compiled the SMD survey. Mind you, I helped him with the survey and never realised there was anything on the south side in that area.
  5. martinb

    Pumping from Russett Well into the water mains............

    Rose Cottage (with Russet Well) is still in the Harrison (Turner) family.
  6. martinb

    New and reopened bits in Stoney Middleton

    From what I've heard, I don't think anyone has been down there in the last 10 or so years! The slump/blockage should only be for a metre, poss 2m at most, as it looks like it has fallen from clay chamber. The whole of clay chamber was, in the dim and distant past, open at the way down to the...
  7. martinb

    Cussey Pot, Eyam

    I have a feeling that my partner in crime, markc of this parish, also managed to push all the way to Merlins sump 7. Also Phil, dm sent regarding an opportunity.
  8. martinb

    Cussey Pot, Eyam

    Are we talking about the same shaft, the one in clay chamber? IIRC its only 3 meters deep, then an awkward slither a couple of meters to the letterbox with a drop down into a mined passage a few meters long before popping out into Streamway Chamber? There was a fixed metal ladder I think. John...
  9. martinb

    Cussey Pot, Eyam

    When 'we' regained access to Nickergrove Streamway some years back, we tried to insert a diver into the downstream streamway that JSB had been into some number of years previous, but said diver reported that access was blocked underwater. I seem to remember bloody awkward access to get to that...
  10. martinb

    Caver post offered: Derbyshire/South Yorks to Notts and/or Dorset.

    I'm back in the UK for a few days, I can offer Caver post from Chesterfield and/or Sheffield to Nottingham and/or Bournemouth. From Thurs 28th/Fri 29th to Mon 2nd. Nothing too big please, as I've got enough crap of my own!  :wall: Send me a DM. Martin
  11. martinb

    Anchors/P-Bolts - Treak Cliff Cavern

    Dunno who's remit this is, but I'm thinking that the P-Bolts at the top of the climb into 1926 Passage in TCC may warrant a quick glance to see if all is ok with them. AFAIK they've been there for a fair few years, we (myself and markc of this parish) replaced the maillons about 5 or 6 years...
  12. martinb

    Knights Templar Cave - Royston - Under threat
  13. martinb

    Treak Cliff Cavern - ongoing exploration

    Following on from our Treak Cliff Discoveries (Descent 260), both diggers (yours truly and markc of this parish), have moved house from the rolling hills of Derbyshire. Markc is now resident in South Wales, fairly close to Langattock. I myself have moved abroad to Normandy in France, set up a...
  14. martinb

    Recommendations for caving weekend - Becon Beacons/East thereof

    After many years caving in Derbyshire, my mate has moved down to Caerleon area. Now, he doesn't drive, so muggins here is visiting him for a weekend in Sept. Now, I've done OFD II with my last club, and we're both mud hardened cavers so I'm after a little advice, we wish to 'do' a decent system...
  15. martinb

    Rose Cottage, Castleton For Sale - Has Russet Well in Garden

    I've been asked to post this by the current owner, in case someone is interested: After a family bereavement, Rose Cottage, Castleton, Derbyshire, is for sale. Russet Well is in the garden of the cottage. I have no idea of the cost, rooms, land, etc, as currently it is promoted as a private...
  16. martinb

    Shafts/workings near Layby Shelter/Hanging Flat, Stoney Middleton

    On my way home earlier this afternoon from caving, I decided to stop at Layby Shelter and have a shufty. Anyway, walking back to the car, I decided to follow the clear path rising up the hillside eastwards. There was Hanging Flat Mine, (been there, seen that), and question Number 1 - Hanging...
  17. martinb

    Anyone at TSG Hut 17th or 18th March?

    I need to drop off some caver post at TSG Hut either Friday evening about 9-ish or sometime Saturday morning about 0930/1000, will anyone be around to open the door? Ta Martin
  18. martinb

    Petzl Pantin Left for sale

    I have got a Petzl Pantin Left for sale, I've used it a couple of times but never really got on with it. It's second hand, still has sharp teeth, a tad dusty, a little of the paint has worn off from rope rub. Serial number still visible - 11132FR6672. When I got it it didn't have the clip that...
  19. martinb

    Trying to contact Rob Eavis and Robbie Shone

    I'm trying to get hold of Rob Eavis and/or Robbie Shone for photographic opportunities. Anyone have an email? Ta Martin
  20. martinb

    Cave Conservation - of sorts - Well, just a tidy up!

    :thumbsup: to Markc for helping me with a tidy up of Treak Cliff show cave New Series. Spent a good 4 hours fettling the place up, removing a large sack full of oddments. Find of the day was Smiths crisp packet advertising a 'Superstars' pullover for ?4.99 with a closing date of 31st October...