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  1. jonnyrocketboots

    Caving mugs

    Do we know who makes  the caving mugs I bought a couple of years back at Hidden Earth guys? They?re brilliant. Huge  great big jugs you can get your cold mitts around. Gutted my bull pot mug hasn?t made the distance, Rowten is hanging in there, just! Love these mugs. 😃
  2. jonnyrocketboots

    Base layer

    Have an aclima base layer for sale. Top and leggings. Merino wool so very cosy. Bought a large online and too big for me. Suit someone 6ft or thereabouts. Cost me ?100 will sell for ?60 so I can buy a medium.
  3. jonnyrocketboots

    Potholes vs Potholes

    So, trying to explain the difference between a pothole and a cave to my girl, To me they are all cave! A pothole has been explained to me before, the vertical drop is greater than its  horizontal length!.?! And a cave is the opposite, the cave is horizontal and a bit up and down now and again...
  4. jonnyrocketboots

    Hilleberg tent for sale

    Hi guys, Hilleberg Akto for sale here. Never used, Bought from Trail magazines Gear Test Journo. a year or so back.  He put it up in his garden once, took some nice photos of it, said how brilliant it is (so getting it for free the git!) and sold it to me for a project that didn't and is...
  5. jonnyrocketboots

    SUUNTO CORE for sale

    Bought a suunto core a year or so ago for hillwalking but can't get on with it so it's been worn once and been gathering dust since! Clever bit of kit if you can be arsed to get your head around it! I can't so it may as well find a better home. Some features: -Altimeter -Barometer -Compass...
  6. jonnyrocketboots

    Cleaning Stone

    Hi all just looking for a little advice on getting stains out of stone here without damaging it. Ive managed to smear some soot into quite an expensive marble hearth.  I Have tried soap and water to no avail as the soot has got 'into the grain' so I think I need something to lift the soot out...
  7. jonnyrocketboots

    Heavy duty caver post needed! Lincolnshire-The Dales

    Ayup folk! Here's a long shot....but I'm  going to try anyway!! I've some Scaff for Pitlamp to help him make his push in Preachers Cave safe (or safer anyway)I was supposed to take it up in the van last weekend but unfortunately couldn't make it and I'm not sure when I'll be up in the Dales...
  8. jonnyrocketboots

    Drill operated water pump

    Hey folk, I wish I knew how to give you a link to this product or post a photo but as I'm still driven by steam I'm afraid I can't! (maybe someone could help me here?) It's probably a pile of shite, but it was only 4 quid so thought it worth a try! While in Boyes the shop today buying gloves...
  9. jonnyrocketboots

    Lost Petzl Accu charger Craven cottage

    Hi guys, I lost my Petzl 'Ultra Wide' battery charger while staying at the Craven hut last Saturday.  Its possible I dropped it outside as I carried in an armful of gear to dry and recharge after a rather long digging trip.  I say this because I searched the place top to bottom on the Sunday...
  10. jonnyrocketboots

    Gas detector advice/info welcome

    Hey guys, The clubs been thinking of  buying a gas detector recently for some upcoming trips this year. Couple of queries if someone doesn't mind helping me out here without getting too technical, bearing in mind I know little about gas and nothing about gas detectors! What do I need to know...
  11. jonnyrocketboots

    Who said Cavings a cheap hobby?!?

    Guys, Couple of years back when I started caving, The lads who got me started told me 'Nah, Cavings not a dear sport mate, just chip in for a bit of petrol and you can use our gear.' And  I had no reason to not believe them.   I had a few trips with them and was soon addicted! Happy days!! Was...
  12. jonnyrocketboots

    'This is why we do it' short movie

    Hi guys, A few months ago I happened across a short film somewhere called 'This is why we do it'  I'm sure I saw it  on this forum, I may have come across it while mucking about on you tube.  I'm sure it was an entry at Hidden Earth 2012 and was made by member(s) of the YUSS.  I thought it was...
  13. jonnyrocketboots

    Petzl Stop on Long Drops!?!

    Hi Guys, No doubt this has been queried before but why shouldn't I use my Stop on a long pitch?  I've seen a few times on the forum Shocked/Scratchy Chin Raised eyebrows and general Thumbs Down 'Smileys' whenever stops and large pitches are combined. Why not? I've been into some of Yorkshires...
  14. jonnyrocketboots

    Queens Mine/Gentlewomans Pipe Shaft

    Hi Folk, I've a trip tomorrow into Queens Mine via Gentlewomans.  Not sure what to expect so just after a bit of info. if anyone has a minute or two!?!  Ian, who's sorting the day out has been here before so we be ok, just like to do a bit of home work myself before a trip and never know but...
  15. jonnyrocketboots

    For the Yorkshire experts, where was I last weekend?!?

    Hey all, Last weekend we had a club trip to Yorkshire (Lincoln Caving Club). Original plans were to do Long Kin West as there were only 4 of us.  A couple of others turned up at the last minute and had brought rope with them and as the weather was quite grey and showery a few of us decided to...
  16. jonnyrocketboots

    Any Badgers about??

    Hi Guys, Can anyone put me in touch with someone at Buttered Badgers Club?  I'm having some trouble getting in touch with them through the link on their website ( slippery little suckers  it seems these Badgers!)  So thought I would cast a wider net in order to trap one!  Joking aside If anyone...
  17. jonnyrocketboots

    Pub food and beer near to Croydon hut?

    Organising a Lincoln Caving Club Trip to your chaps neck of the woods in a fortnights time, Couple of queries! Can anyone recommend a good boozer nearby for post cave refeshments? Nothing too fancy just a good plateful and a decent pint will do! We staying at Croydon Hut for the weekend Usually...