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    Indeed... Indeed, more of of wotthehellzit? than wezzit?
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    Photography Showcase 3 per week limit

    Spider's nest? How big was it? - I'm hoping only a centimetre or two, my initial impression was that it was football-sized 😲
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    Black Shiver?
  4. JasonC

    Cave paintings

    A less-recent post here:
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    Easter Grotto?
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    16340 batteries

    Well, I've just paid over £25 for a branded Fenix 18650, due to (a possibly over-abundance of) caution - which stung a bit, but I felt better safe than sorry with Li-Ions. So I'm interested in what "treating your batteries right" means in this context. Does it mean I would have to watch a...
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    Chest Straps/Harnesses

    Yes, me. Forget how long I've had it, but it still ain't broke.
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    Chat GPt - a way to go for reliable information

    The picture in your link is even more hallucinatory !
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    Small mammal to greasy slab

    This is veering slightly off-topic, but I was planning to do the Bar Pot-Hensler's round trip described here: . None of us were familiar with all of the route, and one of my companions saw the word duck on the guide and flatly refused to do it...
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    Great idea for a new thread - Oosmissisizit ? :D
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    Sleets Gill

    Thanks again for all the responses - just to be clear, I wasn't contemplating a trip in the next few weeks, just thinking about the future. (PS - thanks to the Mod who fixed the display of Ari's posts)
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    Sleets Gill

    ... but conversely, if I understand all the foregoing comments (for which, many thanks) - if there have been (say) 5 or more dry days, and you are confident that today will also be dry, then the flood risk should be very low. At worst, you'd find the entrance unexpectedly sumped, but if it was...
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    Sleets Gill

    I hope you're right, but after the past few months I'm starting to think dry weather is a figment of my imagination...
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    Sleets Gill

    Yes, but how many of those do we get ? My reason for asking was to see if there were conditions outside of a prolonged drought where it would be safe, but I appreciate the cautionary advice above (y) - thanks to Harry in particular.
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    Sleets Gill

    Sleets Gill was on our club meets list for this weekend, which we've obviously had to cancel due to the amount of rain we have had/will have. Now I know it needs 'a period of settled weather' before safely attempting it - but it made me wonder just how much? Three dry days? A whole week...
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    How big is the average UK caving club?

    I wonder how many of the 90+ years are active cavers? (Whatever 'active' means... please don't discuss!)
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    AI Wezzit

    That otter has horribly deformed paws (flipper?). And Baby Hagrid just beat me to the answer!
  18. JasonC

    First Aid Kits

    this kit has been cited with approval. Not that I've been organised enough to follow his recommendations
  19. JasonC

    Additional Cow Pot routes added to topo

    ... but even those who know don't get it right first time ! ;)
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    How to check out a white passage - educational post :-)

    That's really taking conservation seriously - bravo!