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  1. bubba

    What's happened?

    I've noticed that the once extremely busy wiki is now only rarely updated. It's been like this for some time but I thought it might just be down to people being away/busy/etc. Seems a shame and I was just wondering why this happened... Better alternatives elsewhere? Something we...
  2. bubba

    Experimental feature upgrade - search engine based forum search.

    As most long term forum users are aware, the built in forum search functionality leaves a lot to be desired. About the only thing that it had going for it was that it was context sensitive depending upon where you were inside the forum. This would have been useful if it actually consistently...
  3. bubba

    Forum upgraded.

    The forum software has been upgraded this morning. I've tested that everything is working as best I can but the usual applies...please post here if anything is broken, etc... Thanks  ;D
  4. bubba

    New Wiki skin installed

    I got a little bored of looking at the default skin so I've added a new one: CavendishMW You can select it by going to your profile and then the "appearance" tab. It needs a new version of the top-left image sorting but apart from that is a nice looking skin.
  5. bubba

    Wiki upgraded

    The Mediawiki software has now been upgraded to the latest stable version, 1.19.2. 1.19 Release Notes Since we upgraded from 1.17, also see: 1.18 Release Notes There were big problems with the forum/wiki integration but luckily, a kind programmer has done some work to get it all working...
  6. bubba

    Wiki maintenance

    Currently upgrading the wiki, don't try to use...
  7. bubba

    Caving subReddit

    Never knew this existed; might be of interest to some of you:
  8. bubba

    Links to

    I'm sure this is old news but I just followed a link from the wiki to It seems that site now has nothing to do with caving - not sure how many links there are but something to bear in mind perhaps.
  9. bubba

    Survex file Mime Types

    Can anyone technically minded tell me the Mime Types for .svx and .3d files? I could do with them to get the Wiki software to allow survey file uploads. If not, I'll have to bypass checks for these filetypes but I'd rather do things properly.
  10. bubba

    Wiki upgrade

    Today I've given the wiki a long overdue upgrade. We're now at the latest current version, 1.17.0 The list of fixes and new features since the last version is enormous and I won't even attempt to try to make sense of them here. Please post any issues that manifest themselves as I'm bound to...
  11. bubba

    Possible log-in change - feedback and votes please

    Echoing a similar topic started by Toby on ukbouldering: Bubba thinks this is the way forward. Anyone have any concerns or problems? All registered users already have email addresses registered at the site - you can find yours at your profile. An obvious problem is infrequent users who aren't...
  12. bubba

    Nice cave desktop background image

    "Cave of Swallows", Mexico.
  13. bubba

    Server crash and restore

    I've restored the database to our most recent copy which will include posts up to the start of the 27th August. Sorry if you've lost anything important, the hosting company suffered a hardware failure causing a total loss of data.
  14. bubba

    MOVED: Credit Crunch Expedition Diary

    This topic has been moved to Credit Crunch Expedition.
  15. bubba

    MOVED: Derbyshire Credit Crunch Expedition

    This topic has been moved to Credit Crunch Expedition.
  16. bubba

    MOVED: Credit Crunch Expedition Names/Projects list

    This topic has been moved to Credit Crunch Expedition.
  17. bubba

    MOVED: Credit Crunch Expedition Pictures

    This topic has been moved to Credit Crunch Expedition.
  18. bubba

    MOVED: Trailer needed for credit crunch spoil

    This topic has been moved to Credit Crunch Expedition.
  19. bubba

    MOVED: Air- Ash

    This topic has been moved to The Shit Heap.
  20. bubba

    For anyone experiencing very slow speeds with this site.

    We are aware that some people are finding the site unusable. We believe that this is down to some networks in the US that many users are routed through becoming very slow. Unfortunately a solution is outside of our control. Hopefully this will be resolved soon!