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  1. Speleodroid

    Woodhouse Way

    Tom Clayton from RRCPC is the man to talk to about this :) Not too sure if he's on here...
  2. Speleodroid

    Weather and webcam

    Yorkshire Dales Guides now have a weather station and webcam on our website at: You'll be able to see a live view of the River Ribble at Settle Weir, as well as check live weather conditions in Stainforth, which includes...
  3. Speleodroid

    Little Hull Pot survey

    Just wondering if anyone has a digital version of the BUSS Little Hull Pot survey they might be able to send me? Many thanks!  :)
  4. Speleodroid

    Yorkshire Dales Guides SRT training area

    CALLING ALL CAVERS LEARNING SRT, DELIVERING LCMLA/CIC TRAINING AND ASSESSMENTS, OR JUST WANTING A REFRESHER ON THE ROPES! Just a short post to remind everyone of the SRT training facility down at Yorkshire Dales Guides, near Settle in the Yorkshire Dales! More info and photos can be found at...
  5. Speleodroid

    Flexible Plastic tubing

    Just wondering if anyone has any flexible plastic tubing I could have or buy, or knows a good source. Ideally would be around 150-200mm diameter (in that range) and 10m or so length, but longer fine. Thanks!  :)
  6. Speleodroid

    Scar House Reservoir next scour test - 21st November

    Of interest to anyone who may be visiting Goyden/manchester hole etc this month... Date for next scour test is 21st November. There is a notice board near the bottom of the road up to the reservoir from Lofthouse, which also displays this info/date.
  7. Speleodroid

    Meregill Hole minor extension

    Last Sunday (13th) during a trip down Meregill Hole, i had a wander down to where the water sinks in the massive rift at the bottom of the entrance pitch (going in via Mere entrance). Where there is often a lake, there was now only a small puddle, which was the driest i've seen it there although...
  8. Speleodroid

    Paul Eastwood & Dave Hetherington

    Just wondering if anyone can help me track down Paul Eastwood and Dave Hetherington. They were the two climbers who first climbed Gaping Gill main shaft and I am trying to get in touch with them Thanks all!
  9. Speleodroid

    FOR SALE: Old Speleotechnics lamps and parts

    Seems like my original post hasnt We have a load of old speleotechnics lamps, batteries, chargers to get rid of. Is there anyone who can make use of this stuff???? PM me if interested, and I can let you know exactly what we have and send over some photos which im struggling to...
  10. Speleodroid

    Montane Spine MRT Challenger attempt in aid of Cave Rescue Organisation

    Hey all, Just wanted to put a quick post up to encourage folk to sponsor Dales based cavers Steph Dwyer and myself (Mike Bottomley) who will be attempting the 108 mile Spine challenger race between Edale and Hardraw over the weekend of 13th/14th January 2018, in aid of two charities, Cave...
  11. Speleodroid

    Pixa 2 found in Sell Gill Holes

    Petzl Pixa 2 headlamp, found in Sell Gill Holes well beyond the duck and just before the final pitch PM me if its yours and can sort getting it back to you Cheers, Mike
  12. Speleodroid

    Echo Aven Magnetometer Pot

    Can anyone tell me if Echo Aven in Magnetometer Pot has been climbed, and if so, who by and what was found at the top? It was scaled for around 20m by Julian Griffiths and co back in 1984. He thinks someone went back to finish it, but cant find any reference to this, and I havent been able to...
  13. Speleodroid

    Geoff Barber

    If anyone can help, looking for Geoff Barber's contact details. Name is all I have, but he was involved in climbing above the final shaft of Juniper Gulf with Elliott and co many years ago. Thanks
  14. Speleodroid

    Echo Pot, Fountains Fell - Warning

    During a trip down Echo Pot on Fountains Fell yesterday it was found there had been a massive collapse above the final Boulder Alley pitch which has resulted in the final chamber (and the last 5-6m of the boulder alley pitch) being completely filled in......probably around 40-50 m3 of rock if...
  15. Speleodroid

    Spectacle Pot

    Was pleasing to see spectacle pot had been p-hangered on saturday  :thumbsup: Although final pitch to sump still needs doing. Until then, a hanger is required for this.
  16. Speleodroid

    Newby Moss Pot

    Went to have another pleasant trip down this fine cave on Newby Moss today. However, upon arrival i found that two large-ish blocks had fallen in blocking the entrance. >:( Will endeavour to go and sort this out at some point this week!
  17. Speleodroid

    Lost at valley entrance

    Dont suppose anyone has found a pair of black sunglasses at entrance to Valley entrance in Kingsdale? They were in a little hole above the entrance, and were left there monday afternoon. If so, would be very grateful if you could let me know, and they could be handed in to inglesport... Cheers!
  18. Speleodroid

    Craftsman's Pot

    Just a quick note to ask people to stay away from Craftsmans Pot until further notice as work is currently being done to unblock and stabilise the entrance series, where there has been a major slump recently. Work should be completed by the end of the next weekend (all being well), but will post...
  19. Speleodroid

    Survey of Snorkel Cave

    Anyone have a copy of the Snorkel cave (Penyghent Gill) survey they could email me? Just need to check up on a couple of things. Cheers,
  20. Speleodroid

    Creaking Death Pot

    Can anyone tell me anything about creaking death pot, west kingsdale???? Theres a survey on, done by GSG.