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    Found: Daren Entrance Series

    Hey John, It's not an attache. Would be surprised if it'd been in there any more than a few days. It was sat right in the middle of the passage. Hope you get your krab back. Tom
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    Found: Daren Entrance Series

    I found a sling and a krab (separately) in Daren entrance series on Saturday. Reply here with a description and we'll sort out their return. Cheers Tom
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    Rhino Rift - Fourth Pitch

    Thanks Chris, that's super useful information. Appreciate you taking the time to post 👍
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    Rhino Rift - Fourth Pitch

    Hi Mike. Thanks for responding. I'd read the page you linked (and others on the CCC) site, but couldn't see a reference to pitch 4. I did read the description in MU (squeeze at pitch head), but the same description in "Selected Caves" also flagged an awkward take off, but described the route as...
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    Rhino Rift - Fourth Pitch

    Hi all. I'm looking for a bit of advice if I may. In Mendip Underground, it says that the fourth pitch in Rhino is not suitable for SRT. Do any of you know if this is still the case? I know some work has been done on the cave, and don't want to drag a ladder down there if it's not needed...
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    Mangle Hole

    Hello - I went down this cave on Thursday night and it was great fun.  I've never been down there before, and I have a question about the water levels we came across. When we got to the Mangle block, we rigged a pitch off the bolts to the left, and abbed down a very short way (5m?) before...
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    Replacing a Warmbac Lightweight Oversuit

    Hello cave people.  After a recent trip down Otter Hole, my trusty Warmbac Lightweight suit has developed holes in some frankly indecent places.  I'd really like to replace it like for like, but having tried the new version of the same I couldn't see it lasting too long in my local Mendip...
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    Swildons Twenty Yesterday

    Hello, To the two friendly chaps from Wells who took our ladder down to the twenty for us yesterday - Thanks very much, it was really appreciated. It was nice to be able to get straight into the sink without undue faff.  :thumbsup: Tom