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  1. barrabus

    New Petzl Stop for sale

    Nothing to do with me but I saw this on UKClimbing and thought it might be of interest to people on here... I'm not sure whether you can email the seller without an account but I'll pass on any messages if anybody wants me to.
  2. barrabus

    The scale of the universe

    This is interesting... The scale of the universe
  3. barrabus

    Gaping Gill on The Great British Countryside

    Last night on TV (and on the iplayer for a few days) was The Great British Countryside. It features Hugh Dennis making a descent of Gaping Gill courtesy of the Craven Pothole Club winch meet. It also features a short interview with Jude and Johnny Latimer (including hen night photos!). It...
  4. barrabus

    VAT on Air Ambulance Fuel

    Did you know that Air Ambulance's have to pay VAT on the fuel they use despite the fact that they are all registered charities? If you think this is wrong please sign the on-line petition to encourage the government to review this situation.
  5. barrabus

    Petzl stuff for sale

    Nothing to do with me, but this lot is for sale on UKClimbing. If you want me to send a PM to the guy I'm happy to pass on your details.
  6. barrabus

    For sale: Petzl 5 bar Rack

    Hi all, I have a spare Petzl 5 bar Rack descender for sale. It has never been used. The RRP is ?63 but a quick Google search shows it can be bought between ?50-?55. I will sell (including postage) for ?40.
  7. barrabus

    Petzl handled ascenders for sale on UKClimbing

    As the title says... Nothing to do with me though.
  8. barrabus

    Rope for sale (new)

    Beal Industrie 10.5mm x 50 metres, suitable for SRT and abseiling. Unused and still factory sealed on the hank. RRP ?83 but will sell for ?55 posted. Post here or PM me if interested.
  9. barrabus

    CRO Grand Summer Raffle

    Nobody seems to have mentioned it so far so I would like to draw your attention to the CRO Grand Summer Raffle. The Cave Rescue Organisation are having a raffle to raise funds. Prizes have been donated by local businesses, team members and happy 'customers'. Tickets are ?1 each and are...
  10. barrabus

    Bats in Ease Gill on The One Show

    The One Show on BBC1 has just had an article on bats in Ease Gill, including some footage of a descent of Link Pot. It's worth watching and should be on the iplayer soon.
  11. barrabus

    Nothing, or nothing you can see...

    When I look at the Who's Online page I occasionally see that someone (even Guests) are doing/viewing "Nothing, or nothing you can see...". So what is it that I can't see....?
  12. barrabus

    The road to Bull Pot Farm

    Fell Road has suffered badly from the recent ice and rain. There are some rather large potholes in the road and some deep trenches at the roadside. The worst are near the first corner on the hill and the straight section after the second corner. Please take care.
  13. barrabus

    Secret Britian BBC1

    Tonight's episode featured a trip down Middleton Limestone mine which has 26miles of very large passage and will be available on the iplayer for another week. Next weeks features Julia Bradbury doing a trip down Dolly Tubs to view Alum Pot. Sunday 29th 9pm BBC1.
  14. barrabus

    Rope found at Slit Pot (Simpsons Pot)

    Hi, I have retrieved a couple of ropes and a krab from Slit Pot in Simpsons. PM me if you think they might be yours. Barney
  15. barrabus

    Moving smileys: love or hate?

    I find moving smileys and avatars very distracting and annoying. I've just been reading a trip report but gave up because it had too many moving smileys in it. So if you like  :bounce: :clap2: :tease: :ras: :weep: :furious: :spank: :icon_321: :yucky: :bow: :lol: etc go for option one. If...
  16. barrabus

    Dead sheep in Rowten

    Hi, I forget to post last week but it's probably still there! Myself and a friend did a pull through trip down Rowten, dived the sumps and exited via Valley Entrance. Imagine how annoyed we were to find a very fresh dead sheep in the waterfall at the bottom of the big pitch (approx 75-80m...
  17. barrabus

    Lost and found in Kingsdale

    On the night wednesday 16th June I left some neoprene gloves, a Mars bar and someone else rubbish on the wall next to the parking at Braida Garth. I would like the neoprene gloves back if anybody has them. You can keep the Mars bar as a finders fee. Also, a couple of weeks ago I found some...
  18. barrabus

    Flask found near Valley Entrance

    Hi. I found a drinks flask at the car parking near Valley Entrance/Braida Garth in Kingsdale last Wendesday 22nd April. If you have lost one please contact me to arrange it's return.
  19. barrabus

    Interviewee required for BBC Radio 2

    Hello all, Today I was asked if I would do a 5min interview for Radio 2 tomorrow (friday 20th) about caving/potholing. It is for the Chris Evans show, which, apparently, each friday evening does a 5 minute interview/article on a 'non mainstream sport'. I declined, because while I am happy...
  20. barrabus

    Collective noun for cavers

    Whilst out caving last week the subject of collective nouns (eg a 'pride' of lions or a 'murder' of crows) for cavers came up. There was only one suggestion at the time which seemed so good nobody could think of anything better - an idiocy of cavers.... Can anyone suggest anything better?