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  1. twiglet

    SRT kit renewal

    Hi,could I ask some advice please, I have an SRT rig from the early 1990`s that has only been used a couple of dozen times. I have done a visual check of the sit harness, the stop descender & the 2 jammers, no breaks in any stitching or splits in the webbing are evident. No visible wear to the...
  2. twiglet

    Limestone Pavement

    Can I ask a question about geology and the formation of karst pavements please ? I was under the impression that they only form when the surface soil was scraped away by an ice sheet. On a walk on Sunday, I found an extensive limestone pavement at Cheston Combe, near Backwell in Somerset ! I...
  3. twiglet

    li-ion battery

    Hi,   I have just bought a Canon digital camera with a lithium battery. I have been out to play with it on (not under) Mendip for the first time today and was wondering if anyone could advise me if the battery should be removed if I am not going to be using the camera again for a week or two ? I...
  4. twiglet

    Coed-y-Mwstwr Woods Cave

    I had a first look in the cave in the woods at Pencoed this afternoon with Barnesloop of RFDCC. We failed to find way on from the top of the terrifyingly loose boulder choke. Does anyone have any tips on how to locate the correct route beyond the first large chamber encountered above the choke...
  5. twiglet

    Broadfield Down

    Just musing, but heres a question for anyone with a bit of geology knowledge out there. What are the chances of there being any cave systems under Broadfield Down (The limestone plateau north of Mendip where Bristol Airport is) ?  I know there are a few rock shelters and mineshafts, but looking...
  6. twiglet

    Chartist Cave

    I am seeking info with a view to visiting Chartist Cave. I heard a rumour that the way on was blocked by a dead sheep ! Does anyone know if this is still the case please ? Also, if we do get in, is it a dry grots, trip, or would fleece/oversuit be the best. I hiked up there last sunday and...
  7. twiglet site

    Every time I try to access , the lower half of the page is blank  :thumbsdown: Might be worth one of the administrators having a look and a tinker. :thumbsup:
  8. twiglet

    Templeton Geomorphology

    Hi, I assist occasionally at the Templeton dig, and have often wondered about this sites origin. If it is just a fossil sinkhole, why is it so far out on the limestone plateau, away from the sandstone border ? Is there something else going on here, has it formed from below (water under pressure...
  9. twiglet


    A few of us are coming over from Mendip with an OFD permit this Sat 24th Nov. As the streamway is likely to be in flood, I had a look at the pics on and thought that Lugubrious passage would be a suitable destination. Any tips on route finding to this area would be most welcome...
  10. twiglet


    Round trip of the upper series yesterday evening, 3 of us, in accross the upper traverse (its a lot less of a struggle with a duo lamp than with a battery pack on your waist isnt it ?) accross the lower traverse to 1st Rift chamber, then through the S bend & up the canyon to the Bakers Chimney...
  11. twiglet

    wetsink SRT

    What length of rope & how many maillons are required to descend the pitch in Wetsink on SRT please, or is there a rigging topo published somewhere ? Thanks. :beer2:
  12. twiglet

    seized krab gates

    I have been donated some alloy karabiners by someone who has retired from caving. The sleeves on some of them have stuck shut. I have tried WD40 & pliers but no luck so far. Any suggestions on how I may free them ?
  13. twiglet

    Slade Brook Cave access ?

    I have emailed a request for a FODCAG permit, can anyone tell me if Slade Brook Cave has a locked gate at present ? (It didnt when I found the entrance 2 years ago !!!) Is it neccasary to call at Bearse Farm to request permission ? Thanks.
  14. twiglet

    Ni Mh battery charging.

    I have recently purchased a charger with 4 AA Ni Mh "rechargables" from B&Q for my petzl duo. Unfortunately, the info sheet doesnt mention what the recharging regime for partially used batteries is. Any ideas anyone ? I used to own an FX2 which clearly stated to recharge for "time and a half".
  15. twiglet

    Hawks point mine

    I have found the entrance by the WW2 pillbox on a previous visit, and am keen for a trip into the aforementioned mine.I shall be down on hols 2nd week in Sept, would anyone be up for a trundle that week ?
  16. twiglet

    star mine engine house

    More to do with archaeology than speleology this one,Does anyone know who the landowner at Star Shaft is and where he lives ? When the foundations of the cornish beam engine house were excavated a few years ago we found about 90% of it but not the cylinder plat or rear wall.As it is the only...
  17. twiglet

    Swan Mine

    Axbridgecaver,Sledge,Golddigger & Twiglet made a visit to Kingsdown Quarry via the main entrance to check the state of the crane & photograph it to ascertain the feasability of a future restoration project.The wooden roof chog & bearing are very rotten as is the front of the diagonal timber.We...
  18. twiglet

    Edwards shortcut

    Is a rope or any other tackle required to complete the round trip, Gnome passage-Edwards shortcut-Selenite tunnel-Salubrious & back up to Gnome passage via Chasm passage in OFD ? I have done some trips and found both ends now, the drop down the hole at floor level on the left side of gnome looks...
  19. twiglet

    FX3 problem

    Hi, I have an FX3 lamp that intermittently has a bad connection where the headlamp cable socket plugs into the battery. After 2 or 3 trips, a dark deposit appears on one of the brass coloured contacts on the plug,and the cell will not charge until this,and the holes in the battery top are...
  20. twiglet

    geologists advice please

    O.K. its not quite mendip, but is there any geological reason why there shouldnt be a large cave system behind the avon gorge in Bristol ? I know there are several short caves which were put in 2 books by the Rodway school group in the70`s, but all that thickly bedded pure limestone...