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  1. Tim Pickering

    CRTT - No rope of Croesor 1st Pitch

    I recall a lengthy discussion on the pros and cons of in situ ropes being had before on here. Nothing will ever convince me that in situ ropes are a good idea.
  2. Tim Pickering

    Bernie's under new ownership!

    You'll not keep me out if there's table football to be had.
  3. Tim Pickering

    Vegan food

    The Co-op in Ingleton is shockingly bad for vegan food. However, the Co-op in Bentham is amazing.
  4. Tim Pickering

    Vegan food

    Oh, dream breakfast: sausage, facon, scrambled tofu, black pudding (yup, Bury Pudding Co. do a vegan black pudding which is amazing), mushrooms, tomatoes, baked beans, hash browns, and fried bread. Breakfast of champions. I can feel my arteries constricting at the very thought of it. Now if...
  5. Tim Pickering

    Vegan food

    Nutritional yeast, aka 'hippy flakes'. Try sprinkling a hot-'buttered' crumpet with them and popping it back under the grill for a minute or two. Also, love how my my heart-felt plea for a decent vegan fry-up in Ingleton has branched into its own topic.
  6. Tim Pickering

    Bernie's under new ownership!

    Personal request: please, please, please put a proper vegan fry-up on the menu.
  7. Tim Pickering

    Caving undersuits vs drysuit undersuits

    Mine's a Scubapro but looks very similar, almost identical, to the Typhoons. I've never noticed an issue with it being heavier than the Warmbac when wet. If anything, it dries a lot quicker post-caving. I haven't used the Warmbac since aquiring this.
  8. Tim Pickering

    Caving undersuits vs drysuit undersuits

    I was given a drysuit undersuit and much prefer it to my warmbac undersuit. It's lighter and has neoprene wrist and ankle cuffs. Perfect for all but the wettest of caves (then the neofleece comes out).
  9. Tim Pickering

    what is wrong with bogfarts roaring

    You lost me at 'dead sheep' :sick:
  10. Tim Pickering

    Cave Rescue Procedures (continued)

    My understanding is that there is a lengthy waiting list for the cavers' list. I gave my details whilst still at university, and was told that living in Morecambe was too far away. I moved to the Dales and chased this up and was told that there were people ahead of me on the waiting list. We...
  11. Tim Pickering

    Cave Rescue Procedures (continued)

    Making assumptions about the reasons for a missed call-out time could have fatal consequences. I can think of a myriad of situations whereby a party of more than three may miss a call-out due to a time critical incident (rockfall, rigging failure, flooding etc). No argument that the majority of...
  12. Tim Pickering

    Cave Rescue Procedures (continued)

    And how do you confirm whether a serious incident has occured prior to a rescue being initiated and the situation underground assessed?
  13. Tim Pickering

    Another pantin lost in Short Drop!

    Hey.. I resemble that remark! I have never, nor ever will, nailed a pantin to the wall.
  14. Tim Pickering

    Caving Hut Tea Towel

    One of the oldest caving clubs in the Dales, too. When you bring out the second edition, I'll buy both ;)
  15. Tim Pickering

    Rope Etiquette

    At the risk of poking a hornets nest, this example ties in nicely with the discussion on in situ ropes sparked by the County Pot thread. It's that shift in thinking from 'oh, a rope! There must be people already down there' to 'oh, a rope! Great. It's been pre-rigged. That saves a bit of time'.
  16. Tim Pickering

    First Aid for cavers workshop - spaces available

    I'm really looking forward to this.
  17. Tim Pickering

    County Pot ropes

    A good way to remove any ambiguity around points 6 and 7 is to get out of the habit of having in situ ropes. That way, if there's a rope, you know there's a very good chance that there are folk underground. If you rig ahead of a trip, pop a note on it. An in situ rope is a missed opportunity to...
  18. Tim Pickering

    British Fluorspar

    Is it not more likely that since Germany has pledged to become less reliant on China and Turkeys supply, that Fluorsid might concentrate their efforts there? We have certainly complicated matters when it comes to trade agreements, so perhaps keeping British Fluorspar operational just wasn't in...
  19. Tim Pickering

    Friday joke - WARNING - contains swearing.

    Apologies if this has already been featured before (I can't be the only one with an eye for such things?) but the contracted intro on the UK Caving Facebook page gave me a chuckle: Intro The Facebook page of UK Caving, the cavers' forum - Join the debate, ask a question or share your ex
  20. Tim Pickering

    Giving The Forum A Break

    Agreed. Before a trip, I like to see if I can find video footage of the cave on You Tube, but I often lose patience having to trawl through all the sensationalist clap-trap that gets the most hits. For example, 'stuck in a cave!!!', 'warning: don't watch if you're claustrophobic!!!', 'I nearly...