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    Flash bulbs

    My apologies for the delay! If you still have them available my preference would be for the clear but I would take any and or all! rob
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    Flash bulbs

    Hello, I am assuming these are now happily rehomed but if not I would be happy to pay/donate etc for them! Best, rob
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    Cave temperature in Britain and Ireland

    Cheers all! Plenty of references there, its sometimes v hard to reference something which you know as an absolute but which you cannot prove! Thanks for your help!
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    Cave temperature in Britain and Ireland

    Hi all, Bit of an odd question but is there anyone who might be able to point me in the diretion of a report or study into cave temperature in Britain and/or Ireland? We all 'know' caves of these islands are about nine degree year round, but where do we know this from? Is there a book or a...
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    Issues with Qave

    Hi All, I really like using Qave for surveying but has anyone else had an issue exporting section drawings as .SVG files? As in, consistantly when I export it I receive the plan file with line survey and sketch but the section file has only the line survey! I am aware that sometimes Qave...
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    Exporting from Qave

    Hi All, I just started toying with Android based survey programs and while I like the feel of Qave I am at a loss as to how you export the file. When I try export to any of the programmes it suggests, it tells me "No File Manager has been found on this device. Please install IO File Manager". It...
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    Art Palmer's Cave Geology

    Anyone got a copy of this book for sale? I don't mind if its in a very used condition etc. All the best, rob
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    Caves of Ireland website re-launch

    Hi all, My website of cave photography from Ireland has been revamped and is looking a lot better these days. For anyone interested: Cheers!
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    Compass Cave Surveying Progrmme

    Hi all, Looking for any opinions on the American cave surveying programme called Compass. I know nothing about it, other than what I've read on their website, and know no one who uses it. I'm considering buying it as it is a complete package that looks like it would speed things up for me, as I...
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    Camera gear bag

    I've been long needing a decent cave bag for holding all my camera gear and looking to see what others use. Basically I currently carry my photo gear in a Pelicase 1200, a daren drum and then there's also the tripod, plus I need a little extra space for other gear. Everything is waterproofed so...
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    Looking for help with my Carbide Generator

    Hi All, I have been using a Petzl Aceto with the horrid Ariane generator for a while now. It has been generally fine but the generator has stopped working. Basically when I turn on the water tap the generated gas does not make it as far as the gas hose. Instead it appears to be getting into...
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    Petzl Aceto jets

    Anybody out there know where I might buy a the ceramic jet only for the Petzl Aceto carbide lamp? I'm looking for either size but preferably both, just can't seem to find them for sale alone. Cheers and please don't hate me for using carbide  :'(
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    Metz 45 flash

    Hi All, Having just lost my favourite Sunpak flash to the depths of the earth I'm looking to replace it with something a little more powerful, such as one of the Metz 45 series flashes. I am currently using the Yongnuo RF-603 flash slaves with some success. They have a limit of 12V trigger...
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    Vivitar 283 voltages

    Hi All, I have been dabbling around with a camera underground for the last few months and have been mainly using long exposures and light painting. However I now feel the need to move onto slaves and short exposures. I've ordered some of the Yongnuo RF-603 as a trial but am predictably having...
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    Upgrading non-LED Petzl lamp to 14 LED

    Hi All, Wondering if anyone out there has experience of upgrading an old Petzl Duo to a 14 LED. There's lots of info online for upgrading 5 LEDs but the one I'm looking at in particular in an older model with no LEDs, just 2 incandescent (halogen I think) bulbs. I'm pretty crap with electronics...