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    Orgreave Rally

    I travelled around Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire during the miners strike. I remember being on the M1, the junctions were blockaded by the Police. Very disturbing times.
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    Removing Aquasure

    Toluene but test it first
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    No spray paint please!

    That question drove Van Gough mad
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    **Rock fall** Alum Pot

    The Greasy Slab is a rockfall of course. Speaking of rockfalls, apologies for drift. I did some very early trips down King Pot, East Kingsdale. King Henry's Hall was the scene of a lot of very recent (at the time) rockfalls. How is it doing there these days?
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    Caving Supplies

    I remember Mouse (EPC) working there for a while
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    Swilly Hole / Haltcliff bridge

    "Initially the bank is made from stones encased in mesh cages" ........................ Gabions
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    Oak stemple from Far Sump Extension

    Unwanted visitors
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    New Avanti leg loops slipping

    It could be variations in the webbing sourced for the harnesses. Textile production processes have inherent variability in colour, finish weight etc. I've noticed the leftie anti capitalists have come out against Petzl. Companies have to innovate to succeed and continue, this will result in...
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    North Wales - Tourist / Show Mines Recommendations

    For geological interest, the pillow lava on the approach to LLandwyn Island, Newborough beach, Anglesey. The folded strata of the rocks at South Stack are interesting as well.
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    Best ever bands that are still hanging around

    Zimmer Rock
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    Miners Knee Pad

    Wow! How much! Caving has become a millionaires hobby. Home Bargains and/or B&M Bargains have knee pads at about £6-£7. Not sure how suitable they are for caving.
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    Charity challenges

    Concerning the charity Parachute jumps, I actually know a caver who broke his leg doing one.
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    Charity challenges

    Nothing to do with hate
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    Charity challenges

    NHS charity parachute jumps cost the NHS more in the treating injuries caused by the parachute jumps.
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    Lake District Quarry - Zip line plans

    I think the refusal by LDNPA for a similar proposal led to the resignation of Chris Bonington from the Friends of the Lake District organisation. They seem to wish to fossilise the Lake District into a Beatrix Potteresque virtual world.
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    HS2 Sinkholes Buckinghamshire
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    Dartmoor wild camping appeal won

    Is the Yorkshire Dales National Park or part of registered Common land? Obviously its status is protected as a national park under the jurisdiction of the park authority however I don't believe it to be a common with the enhanced protection that offers. Parts of Dartmoor are common land but I...
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    Dartmoor wild camping appeal won

    A bit more on the technicalities of what can't be done on common land. Nothing can be done to common land which does not benefit the land. Under current legislation it would be illegal to install wind turbines or infrastructure. Would Labour change that? Incidentally, parking on common land...
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    What do you talk about on trips?

    Heisenberg? Nobel laureate Richard Feynman supposedly said: “If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don't understand quantum mechanics.” Having studied quantum theory I believe it to be a useful kludge rather than a fundamental truth. Einstein thought pretty much the same.