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  1. Karstic


    Deep beneath the surface LH - entry for CUCC I felt a flutter that I’ve never felt before Seeing your face Lit by the silent white of my torch And all the passing thoughts Of the on route, and tight crawls, and seeping cold Fled from my mind. I felt the emptiness grow heady with a...
  2. Karstic

    Harness choice

    I wish I could visit Tony - problem is I don't think it's feasible to get up there to see him before I need it (we are going caving abroad)
  3. Karstic

    Harness choice

    I am looking for an SRT harness, and interested in the MTDE Varonia & AV Technibat. I've only used the petzl superavanti before and find it quite uncomfortable: I am small and it doesn't sit on or above my hips securely. Anyone have experience with these and can offer advice?