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  1. Madness

    Clatterway Level

    We had a trip down Clatterway Level at Bonsall the other night and did a fair bit of exploring. But there were still plenty of passages that we didn't get time to explore fully. I was wondering if there is any sort of survey available. It would help make sense of a quiet complex and confusing...
  2. Madness

    Dunsley Spring Level

    Anyone on here been down the winze at the end of Dunsley Spring Level? There's a couple of old bolts there, but it looks a bit unstable. Anybody know what's down there?
  3. Madness

    Would you...

    ...abseil a 50m drop if your only anchor was a stainless steel wire rope with swaged eyes passed around a bombproof formation. The swaged eyes have stainless steel thimbles. The eyes are secured with a bright zinc plated Maillon, which is also used for threading the rope for a retrievable...
  4. Madness

    2020 BCA AGM

    Can anyone tell me where the 2020 AGM is to be held? I'm mainly interested in the region where it's to be held rather than a specific venue .
  5. Madness

    Membership vote on constitutional change.

    Given that it'll soon be two months since the BCA AGM, are we getting close to the vote on constitutional change? Just asking! Patience isn't one of my strongest virtues  ;)
  6. Madness

    Web page tab icons

    Okay, so when I open a webpage of UK Caving I get a little black and yellow 'UKC' icon on the tab. If I open an Ordnance Survey webpage I get a blue and red 'OS' icon on the tab. When I open an Aditnow webpage or a Darkness Below webpage I get exactly the same icon for both. Is this a default...
  7. Madness


    If anyone is interested I've found this interesting and useful if you're thinking of buying a new torch. Especially the links to beam shots.
  8. Madness

    Advertising the AGM

    Given that the BCA AGM is tomorrow, I can't recall seeing any official notification of it posted on here. I've seen the date and venue mentioned in posts on here but I can't recall seeing an official announcement. Perhaps I missed it. Has there be any official announcement anywhere other than...
  9. Madness

    Convoy Headtorch

    Convoy have started producing a headtorch of similar design to a Zebralight. Being a Convoy it should be good quality. Unfortunately the modes aren't very well suited to caving. It...
  10. Madness

    A new resin anchor for caving and climbing?

    As there seems to be a long standing issue with the availability of suitable anchors, why doesn't the BCA use some of it's considerable bank balance to develope a new forged stainless steel anchor? They could even join forces with the BMC and jointly develope one. Simon Wilson has developed a...
  11. Madness

    Winze in Devonshire Cavern

    There's a winze in Devonshire, up towards the top end past the iron ladder. If I remember correctly it also extends upwards towards the surface. It's near the connection to the big upper chamber. No doubt someone has been down it in the past. I was wondering what was at the bottom. Does it...
  12. Madness

    Tearsall Pipe Cavern/Mine

    Anybody got a electronic copy of a survey? I've had a look online and couldn't find much info at all about Tearsall Cheers in advance
  13. Madness

    Gentlewomans Shaft and Pipe

    Had a evening trip down Gentlewomans the other night. Judging by the nettles and brambles around the shaft top nobody has been down it for a while. Anyway, we had no intention of doing the through trip, so we just had a mooch about in the workings. A couple of things caught my eye and raised a...
  14. Madness

    Raven Mine

    I'm thinking of doing a trip down Raven Mine at Monyash in the near future. l have the grid reference, but if anyone can give any extra info to aid finding the shaft it would be appreciated. Also, is the shaft lidded or covered, or is it open? If covered, what's it covered with? Does it need a...
  15. Madness

    Pantin Technique

    Is there a particular technique for ascending using a Petzl Pantin in addition to a normal 'frog' SRT rig? I got given a Pantin a couple of weeks ago and decided to give it a go when coming out of Rowter last night. Trouble is that every couple of steps it decided to unclip itself from the...
  16. Madness

    Merlin's Mine

    We were down Merlin's last night and noticed something that interested me. Just after the turn off to Gimli's Dream you turn right towards the streamway. The roof of this passage is scalloped and to me it would appear to be a phreatic tube extended downwards by miners to make a walking passage...
  17. Madness

    Aldi 1000 lumen torch

    I know it's been mentioned somewhere already, but I couldn't find the thread to post there. Anyway, the ?15 Aldi 1000 lumen torch has now been reduced to ?10. It would have been rude not to buy one at that price, so I did. It seems to be well made, as I'd expect from Aldi, but it's not...
  18. Madness

    Check your torch batteries!

    In case anyone needs reminding, it's worth checking the batteries in your torches, including the 'just in case' torch that lives in that drawer in your kitchen or utility room. I failed to check mine. The result being badly leaking Duracell D cells and two junked torches. At least it gives me...
  19. Madness

    Cheap Caving Lamp

    Spotted this on Ebay the other day, so I ordered one as it was cheap. It arrived today and on first impressions it...
  20. Madness

    Hillocks/Wharf Mine

    Did a quick trip down Hillocks tonight. There was a slight smell of rotting flesh near the bottom of Wharf Main Shaft. There was nothing noticeable that would cause the smell. More concerning was a number of rocks covered in green lichen at the foot of the shaft. Some had very recent impact...