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    Gingling Wet Sinks

    I am looking for information on Gingling Wet Sinks, more specifically the state of the bottom "wet" entrance(s). There appears to have been some significant change to this entrance and the location of sinking water over the last year. The water from the more northerly of the two sinking becks...
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    Old Ing - Dismal Hill, free dives

    It has been suggested to me to post a message on these forums regarding the current state of the dive lines in the through trip from Old Ing to Dismal Hill, as discovered on an attetmpted trip on Saturday. There is currently no re-belay of the line into the airbell between the sumps. The line...
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    Lost - Speleotechnics battery - Rowten sumps

    Helmet mounted orange speleotechnics battery lost when strap broke on solo trip freediving sumps, had no mask so couldn't (didn't want) to go back and find it. Probably at deepest point (near Rowten end) of 8m long sump. If anyone is planning to pass that way (possibly divers?) could they please...