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  1. AndyF

    Not the nuclear thing again...

    I guess with events in Japan unfolding the pro-nuclear lobby may care to remind us again how wonderful this technology is, how its all designed to be fail-safe and how our fears are unfounded.  :-\ Because it would sort of appear that "it's all gone wrong just the way you said it couldn't"
  2. AndyF

    Chilean Mine Rescue

    Hope this all goes well... What i don't know though, is why they didn't/couldn't juet dig through the collapsed roadway down the mine? Surely it would have been quicker? Maybe the pics on the web sites aren't giving the true picture....
  3. AndyF

    Manchester Hole death in the news

    BBC report on the above... Seems they didn't check the dam....
  4. AndyF

    VIctorian Pr0n

    what more can i say,         
  5. AndyF

    Charging for a call out..???

    I was told the other day that you are now likely to be charged should you need to call CRO out.... The chap assured me that someone had been billed ?5000. I hadnt heard anything like that. Is there any truth in it, or is it a load of utter cobblers?  :shrug: :shrug:
  6. AndyF

    Unfortunate name....

  7. AndyF

    Free caving books!

    Having a bit of a bookshelf clear out, and got a few caving books going good home. Mostly French. Cavernes en Perigord Saitne-Baume Souterainne (lots of surveys etc) Atlas Soutereinne Provence et Des alpes (mega high quality survey atlas ) Hidden side of Swaledale (mines) plus a few...
  8. AndyF

    Castleton Cave - Landmark Books

    I just got my PHDMS newsletter and with it was an order flyer for a new book from Landmark Books titled "CastletonCaves" byTrevor Ford. Its only 9.99 and ?2 P&P, dont know if this is cheaper than the cover price will be in the shops I have no doubt the content will be up to Mr. Fords usual...
  9. AndyF

    More Big Stuff in waterways

    Hi all, Not been around much for a while, but recently our Waterways Swallet project has been restarted... Last week another large chanber was discovered after a tough bit of "adjustment" Here is me sitting in the breakthrough point... Ian Bishop Pete Dell and myself were the breakthrough...
  10. AndyF

    Studding and Blots needed for lid

    Hi all, I've been asked by DCA to fit a new lid to Waterways swallet as per the access agreement, and although Ive got a nice bat friendly grill I need a couple of short lenghts of studding and bolts to fit it. It wont be locked, will just need a spanner to get in (before anyone moans  ;) )...
  11. AndyF

    Yorkshire Financial Advisers

    Straight off the site, this lass must be from yorkshire as she appears to work for the "'Ard Life Investment bank"
  12. AndyF

    Croesor 31st November

    Well this w/e was the day that we went for our threatened trip under the Welsh mountais to do the "legendary" Croesor-Rhosydd slate mine through trip. That means going in one old slate mine, finding a way into another, and emerging on the opposite side of a mountain. This particular trip has...
  13. AndyF

    Creosor through trip

    We'd like to do the Croesor-Rhosydd mine through trip sometime end November/ start December. For specific reasons I wont go into here we need to do the trip reliably, and without risk of c0ck-up or route finding difficulty, either in the mine or on the way back. It needs to be a smooth trip...
  14. AndyF

    Foot and Mouth

    Just heard a new outbreak has been found in Surrey. Hope we arent going to be in for another year on non-caving again....
  15. AndyF

    Accomodation Needed

    Hi all, Three auzzies coming over for 6 weeks next Summer (june/july ish) need a holiday let either Peaks or Sheffield/South Yorks. Not cavers but "outdoor types" so nothing too posh required. Please let me know if you have or can recommend anyone and I'll put them in touch Andy
  16. AndyF

    Singing horses ...quality :lol:
  17. AndyF

    Bats in my belfry

    Found this fella crawling around in my bedroom last night, prob just out of hibernation. he was not in a good state, but perked up when i gave him a drop of water... took him outside and off he flew
  18. AndyF

    Shenly Chalk Mine

    Does anyone have any pics, or links to pics of Shenley Chalk mine near St.Albans? I'm trying to find some on behalf of someone whos asked me... Been there myself many years ago, but I have no pics...
  19. AndyF

    Mobile Phone tracking

    You can now access mobile phone tracking for anyone's number via this web site...  :o Try it on your partners phone...
  20. AndyF

    Bored at work?

    Turn your sound down.....