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  1. danthecavingman

    Little Waterfall Swallet

    Glad to see this site finally getting the attention it deserves. Always wondered if the water from here went under Linen Dale and on to Stoney from there. Linen Dale Cave always sounded interesting but I never went for a look. I believe the Stockport had a dig in there years ago. Would this tie...
  2. danthecavingman

    Shhh.... Cussey Pot had some new Bolts

    Not much progress made in SMMC for a while I'm guessing? No chance of an all weather entrance via Doom?
  3. danthecavingman

    On't scrounge for a skateboard

    Although this is wandering off-topic, is the resurgence at Blind Beck (roughly due east) anything to do with the drainage off that side of Ingleborough. Is there a hydrological connection with Austwick Beck Head?
  4. danthecavingman

    On't scrounge for a skateboard

    Eh up! Any chance of an update on the exploration of this very interesting site please?
  5. danthecavingman

    New stream cave in the North York Moors?

    Any updates on this interesting site please?
  6. danthecavingman

    The Assault Course via Peak Cavern.

    It's been wanting a proper look at for years. There's no way the miners hit the Bottomless Pit cavern by accident. Must have been the original way in from Eades Old Grove?
  7. danthecavingman

    Peak cavernTrenches, mud collapse

    Agreed!! First time I went through with Ben Bentham in the early nineties Colostomy was an awkward bastard, flat out and uphill towards Speedwell. So much easier now.
  8. danthecavingman

    Peak cavernTrenches, mud collapse

    Many years ago Mark Wright and I think Richard Bartrop(?) started digging that passage rather excitedly from the top of the aven leading into the crawl, mud being thrown down the climb.... Until they realized they had actually entombed themselves and had to dig their way back out again. I'm sure...
  9. danthecavingman

    Another small earthquake in Derbyshire

    Having poked around in Jugholes, I always thought there was more to the mine workings than is currently accessible. I wonder if it ever actually connected to any other workings?
  10. danthecavingman

    Speedwell Bottomless Pit drainage......

    I can't find any references on the Forum via search but I know Phil and I have discussed this before.... Can we assume, or do we know that Anniversary Hall and Moss Chamber are not on Foreside Rake. It always intrigued me that the choke beneath the balcony might lead into the speculated route...
  11. danthecavingman

    Speedwell Bottomless Pit drainage......

    What of the Longcliffe Levy? Just along from the vent towards the road there was supposedly an entrance into the Longcliffe workings. Tony Marsden pointed out to me where he thought it was and it certainly looked probable. It would be higher in elevation than the canal in Speedwell though.
  12. danthecavingman

    Environment Agency Water Depth Logger in Castleton

    Interesting! Is that actually showing the pulsing flow coming from the Speedwell risings with the variations that can be seen?
  13. danthecavingman

    No escape from Titan!

    One could always dive out through Far Sump..... 😜 Incidentally when was the last time anyone went through Far Sump out of interest?
  14. danthecavingman

    Lovers walk

    Did anyone ever find the 'lightly gobbed up gate' by the twin trunked Elm Trees (?) above Lovers Walk near here? The story told at the time sounded very interesting with some potential for exploration. Sure there's a thread on here somewhere 🤷🏻‍♂️
  15. danthecavingman

    Peak pontification (split from Rowter Hole Update)

    Has anyone got a positive dye trace to the bricked off natural at the bottom of the steps in Speedwell? It's a tiny passage that only ever flows in very high water but issues quite a volume of clay brown water when it does. We always surmised it came from Blue John or Treak Cliff.
  16. danthecavingman

    Giants, too wet?

    Giants is a reasonable proposition under most conditions dependant on the experience of the party. It's rare that Giants (or P8) gets so wet as to be impassable or uncomfortable given modern kit and favourable hangs down the pitches. Unless the forecast was doom, better to go and gain first hand...
  17. danthecavingman

    Cussey Pot, Eyam

    The boulder choke in the floor. I'm pretty sure the divers got close to this from the resurgence end. There was interest in this years ago but the owners at Hazelbadge were extremely anti caver. There's an old rumour of people being chased off site after a shotgun was discharged into the...
  18. danthecavingman

    Cussey Pot, Eyam

    I seem to recall there were a couple of possibilities of Bagshawe connecting to the surface. Bradwell Parish Cave one possibility and Outlands Head Quarry Cave (Now lost) the other. There may be other opportunities. I always thought the site with most potential in Bradwell Dale was the choke at...
  19. danthecavingman

    Cussey Pot, Eyam

    Nudge, nudge! Any news?
  20. danthecavingman

    Cussey Pot, Eyam

    All quiet on the Eldon Front....? No updates for a month, surely something must be going on? Updates for the armchair cavers please 😂