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  1. Speleotron

    First cave rescue?

    If we're including mine rescues then the first one was probably thousands of years ago.
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    Walking backwards from York to the Dales.

    Thanks for the info! I couldn't be sure if I'd read it or not. I wonder what muscular effects it has as the body isn't designed for it.
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    Walking backwards from York to the Dales.

    I think I remember reading an autobiography of a famous caver, and they mention they were driving to the Dales and passed a caver who was walking backwards from York to Ingleton/Settle/Skipton or somewhere. Does anyone know if this actually happened? I'm pretty sure I read it but it was a decade...
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    Dont beleive all you read in books!

    Why have they assumed that it has to go down to sea level? Or have they just mixed up altitude and depth?
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    Where are the young(ish) people hiding?

    Lots of people say caving is dyingor thriving but it must be hard to actually know. Even if you got stats from clubs it wouldn't say much. I know a few people from the dales who went caving for years without really knowing formal clubs existed. I bet there could be a lot of ghost cavers out there.
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    Digging close to Yordas Pot

    If it goes anywhere you should call it Moredas.
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    Smoo in December

    I'm up in Durness in late December and I'd like to have a look at Smoo Cave. I think there is a walkway part of the way and then you can go on a guided tour further in, but these tours stop running after October. Has anyone done Smoo without the guide? I read that the tours stops because it...
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    Ever thougt a zipwire sounds like a blaster from Star Wars?

    Have you ever been on a tensioned cable and heard a sound like a blaster from Star Wars when you bang the cable or the pully skips on it? Turns out that's how they actually made the sound effect.
  9. Speleotron

    Weston highway?

    I remember having a couple of sessions digging on the Weston Highway project, somewhere around  Calcite Aven in the Titan area of the Peak system. It was around 12 years ago(!) I was wondering if what had happened there since then? How is the dig these days?
  10. Speleotron

    Video on not getting viruses

    I thought I'd share this in case it's helpful to people. The author is a nurse so I'm assuming it's accurate. One thing I do know about gloves, from working in a lab, is that you have to work out what you are and aren't going to touch with them (door knobs, car keys, steering wheel etc) and...
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    Not For the Faint-Humoured

    I had an idea of making a book with 50 pointless trips in it, trips where there is a fair bit of effort for an entirely pointless outcome. Some ideas are: 1) A Wade's Entrance - OBJ exchange in GG 2) Yordas Big 20: Every possible exchange in Yordas, done in a day, no leaving rigging in place...
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    Ferry to Spain (northern)

    What ferry do people use for getting to northern spain and how much is an average price for it? I've looked at Plymouth to Santander in September with a car and it seems to be about ?700 for 2 of us, which is a lot, what do the people who go there on expo do? Cheers
  13. Speleotron

    Undersuit for scottish winter?

    Does anyone here who goes out in scotland in winter ever use a caving undersuit as a baselayer? I'm trying to put some kit together for winter and I'm wondering if its a good idea. Maybe not for the walk in but I could get changed into it at the base of the climb.
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    Ireby II fixed ropes

    Does anybody know what condition the ropes up escelator rift in Ireby II are in? I was there a couple of years ago and they were getting worn, just wondering if theyre still usuable. Cheers
  15. Speleotron

    Fixed ropes in Ireby 2

    I heard a couple of rumours of some fixed ropes in Ireby 2 being in bad condition, I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about it? Which ropes are meant to be bad? Is it the skylight passage ropes, escalator rift or that one hanging out of the roof of Jupiter Cavern (where does that one...
  16. Speleotron

    Oversuits (double helix in particular)

    Recently my PVC has died and I'm looking for an alternative. I do mainly Dales caving and in the active pots Ive found PVC great, in places like Easgil with lotsof dry stomping however Ive found it very hot and dehydrating. Iv'e also found the PVC to be not that hard wearing. I can still get a...
  17. Speleotron

    Easegill - pretty parts that can be done in the wet

    Does anybody know about any parts of the easegill/lankaster ect system that you can get to in the wet? somewhere i can spend a while with the camera in unsettled/wet weather? Cheers
  18. Speleotron

    Sinks in GG main chamber

    A few weeks back I was in GG and it was fairly lively, I noticed that aswell as the usual flow of water to the left (as you stand facing the waterfalls) to that sink below the mud bank, some was flowing to the right to sink behind a boulder a shorter distance away, near a small corner. I was...
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    Gaping Gill main hang

    How dry does it have to be to do the main hang? is there a rigging guide on t'internet somewhere?
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    I was thinking of going to Maricabo in Easgill at some point and was wondering if anyone had any information about it? Is it hard? How do you get there? Can it be done in wet weather? ALso is it true that you're only supposed to go there once? Cheers