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  1. Jon

    Harness found

    I found a purple Petzl harness in the Bull Pot farm washing pool today, I left it next to the farm door. It has a bit of rust on it, not sure how long it's been there
  2. Jon

    Search function problems

    Thanks all.
  3. Jon

    Cow Pot in wet weather

    I've read the guidebook weather warning relating to Cow Pot. Do any local experts think it'll be too wet based on Tuesday's or Wednesday's forecast?
  4. Jon

    Search function problems

    If I want to search for "Cow Pot wet weather", is there a trick to get it to work? Currently the search function ignores the three letter words so just produces threads relating to "weather".
  5. Jon

    County Pot ropes

    I personally don't feel the need to practice my rigging all the time. I'm beginning to change my mind on this particular location, I think I'd like it permanently rigged.
  6. Jon

    County Pot ropes

    It makes a trip that involves County just that bit easier it those particular pitches are pre-rigged. To answer your question, yes I can rig County and I am able. The "accumulated tat" comment makes it sound like there's loads of ropes on those pitches, rather than just one rope on each pitch...
  7. Jon

    County Pot ropes

    I personally quite liked having them there, made trips a lot easier with less faff at the start or end, depending on what you were doing. I think it's a shame they're gone. Why is this cave different to all the other caves that have in-situ ropes in? I'm not massively bothered, btw, just...
  8. Jon

    County Pot ropes

    Advance Notice Why?
  9. Jon

    GG Winch Meet Aug 23

    Plus, which other entrances will be rigged?
  10. Jon

    Hung up rope Swinsto

    Your piano wire and krab is "hiding" in the new extension. Pitlamp, it's already marked on the end of the rope.
  11. Jon

    Hung up rope Swinsto

    I'll drop it off on Thursday
  12. Jon

    Hung up rope Swinsto

    Hi, we retrieved this yesterday. Where's the NPC hut?
  13. Jon

    Knee Ascender/Stairwalking SRT

    I'm interested in making a chest roller along with an srt setup similar to this: mostly just because I want to try it. I already use a French style srt setup anyway. There's lots of mentions of building simple chest rollers, has anyone got any...
  14. Jon

    Notts route recommendations

    I'm hoping to go down Notts this week, does anyone have any recommendations as to which route I should take for a first time visit? Sent from my Lenovo YT3-X50F using Tapatalk
  15. Jon

    Boxhead Pot

    I've been trying to get to Boxhead Pot the last few weeks but failed due to various issues. This weekend it looks wet with possibly some rain on Monday, the day I'm hoping to go. Before I apply for a permit, can someone tell me how bad Boxhead gets in wet weather? Thinking of doing the Kendal...
  16. Jon

    Bolt failures

    I try to rig with best practice in mind, one of the considerations being a bolt failure. Am I correct in assuming that P bolt failures are rare or non existent, through bolt failures are rare but spit failures occurred enough to warrant the move to P bolts? With P bolts and through bolts, is it...
  17. Jon

    Comparing different weather forecasts

    Has anyone took the time to compare different forecast providers for caving areas to see which is the most reliable? I contacted a few of the providers that I use recently to find out about the differences in data and modelling and got the following replies. I'd be interested in anyone's...
  18. Jon

    Juniper Gulf sump

    Does anyone know where the Juniper Gulf sump connects to? Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  19. Jon

    Historic weather forecasts

    Does anyone know how to get a historic weather forecast? I should have taken a screenshot last Thursday but forgot.
  20. Jon

    Kong Indy Evo

    Has anyone used one of these? Sent from my Lenovo YT3-X50F using Tapatalk