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  1. J

    Car hire at Bilbao Airport?

    Goldcar are very good. 3 minute minibus transfer to their garage/office. Took a car back last year after somebody crashed into it while I was in town, damaging the wing and bumper. I had taken out their €100 extra “Super Relax” policy. When I dropped it off they didn’t leave the office to see...
  2. J

    Carbon offsetting for expeditions

    Liquified Natural Gas. I expect it’s an error.
  3. J

    BCA Regional Anchor installers technical forum - Last call for interested participants.

    They can be pulled straight out of the hole if required and the same hole re used, without drilling around it. Removing them doesn’t spall the surface of the rock.
  4. J

    Pozo Azul 2023 - Cave Diving Expedition

    Well done I suppose. But what about the locals? You should really have left them to sort the job out. (And negated the massive carbon footprint produced by making it a multi National supported expedition.) Outrageous.
  5. J

    Derbyshire Explorers Forum 2023

    Shandy’s all round then. Wimps. Johnny.
  6. J

    A positive history of coal?

    Fossil Future by Alex Epstein.
  7. J

    Large diameter pipe.

    Diggerman, I think I have some info that may be very useful to your request. PM sent. JRL
  8. J

    Northern Club members wanted for 1 day September 2020

    Can your club get 15 adult members together to marshal 1 section of a cycle event around the 3 Peaks last weekend in September? You?ll need a single point of contact to organise the 15 volunteers and liase with the event organisers. There?s a very generous donation from the event organisers in...
  9. J

    La Vuelta a Espa?a

    La Vuelta (Spanish road bike race) is currently going through the Basque Country. On Friday it leaves Bilbao and heads east. The last 60 kilometres or so take in Ramales, Soba, Arredondo, Alisas, Entrambasaguas, Riano, Matienzo, Riva, Bustablado and finishing on the ?rampas inhumanas? (as the...
  10. J

    Caver Post - Clapham / EuroSpeleo to Sheffield.

    I know it's last minute but if anybody has space for a really small & light box (4"x4"x32") please let me know. Cheers, Johnny
  11. J

    Water flow data logging

    I'd be keen to have the ability to record some water flow statistics at a cave site for a month or two.  Some recordings need taking underground (150 metres from the surface) and some recordings in a stream on the surface. I've got no experience with this type of thing so any help or advise...
  12. J

    Spirit of human kindness - Barbon

    We went mountain biking in Barbondale last Wednesday evening and it was great. Today I couldn't find my trainers. It was annoying. After a day out wondering if I'd left them in the road after the Wednesday night ride we returned to Barbon at 8pm with little hope. My stinking trainers were...
  13. J

    BCA Conference, Northern Roundup

    There will be a Northern Roundup at the Conference (Hidden Earth) this year. We are planning to follow up on the reports from the last lecture (a couple of years ago) but would also welcome any new items or reports from the North. The lecture is covering both caving and cave diving news. If...
  14. J

    Stenlight Charger

    Can anybody help? My Stenlight charger keeps popping the 3 amp fuse and won't charge my batteries. The batteries are good, charger is kaput. Excellent Stuff (the UK Stenlight distributor) have no stock of any Stenlight products?!? If I can't source a fresh charger are there any electronic...
  15. J

    Autograph signing.

    I will be in the Clapham Bunk House signing Photographs with Autographs for fans at 6pm this Saturday. John L
  16. J

    For Sale - Talbot Camelot Camper

    It is a D reg (1987). It's white, has a loo, shower, fridge, oven, hob, night heater, 12 volt lights, 240 volt hook up (for campsites). There's 11 months MOT and 5 months tax on it. It's done 82233 miles. 5 speed gearbox and 2 litre petrol engine. Asking about ?1750.  It's in Lancashire near...
  17. J

    Calling Kieth Lewis

    Does anybody have contact details for Kieth Lewis of Speleo Technics? His old Speleo Technics email address appears not to be working. Thanks, Johnny ps. I know he's retired etc etc, I'd just like a contact email or number please.
  18. J

    Is this a stupid idea for Hidden Earth?

    I'm not a cave photographer but I do like photographs of caves and caving. Digital cameras are fantastic and allow anybody who fancies having a go to take pictures underground with great results. The photoshop type packages also allow further tweaking and altering of the images after they have...
  19. J

    Hidden Earth Northern Roundup

    If anybody has any news on digs or new finds in the Dales which could be included in the Northern Roundup at Hidden Earth then please let me know. There wasn't a northern lecture last year so anything up to 2 years old can be included. Many thanks to the folk who have already sent information...