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  1. Joe Duxbury

    Will it feel easier to climb a big pitch under lunar gravity - despite wearing a space suit?

    Of course, Cavorite. By exposing controlled amounts, ascending and descending will be APOP. You'll just need a guide rope to stop you drifting off-course.
  2. Joe Duxbury

    Lunar caves

    I think you're forgetting the selenites ...
  3. Joe Duxbury

    Caving insurance for older cavers

    I should have made it clear, I'm referring to caving abroad.
  4. Joe Duxbury

    Caving insurance for older cavers

    Both the BCA and Snowcard caving insurance schemes have maximum age limits that are too low for me. Can anyone advise me where this old fart can get caving insurance?
  5. Joe Duxbury

    Unused carbide

    I have a sealed tin of carbide, of uncertain vintage. Is anyone interested in taking it? Failing that, are there any restrictions on disposing of it?
  6. Joe Duxbury

    CYF and Daren survey

    When GSS were digging at Priory Road they went through the Severn Beach where there was a strong draft – this was lost later when digging at the end. This may have been blocked with the spoil dumped on the left at the end. The other digs suffered from bad air so could not have been the way on...
  7. Joe Duxbury

    Are you there, Fred?

    Fred Rattray, if you are still on this forum, would you pm me? A mutual friend would like to contact Jim.
  8. Joe Duxbury

    Barry Hill?

    I'd like to ask about Barry Hill's exploits in Agen Allwedd, some 60 years ago! Is Barry on here? If he isn't, would anyone be able to put him in touch with me?
  9. Joe Duxbury

    Montenegro caving

    Yes indeed. There are vast areas of unexplored limestone. Polish cavers are active in Prokletije, and the Hungarians have been visiting the Lovćen National Park for many years, with many big discoveries (Montenegro barlangkutatás). The huge resurgences of Spila and Sopot on Kotor Bay are still...
  10. Joe Duxbury

    Speleo Camp Laze, Slovenia

    The Gloucester Speleo Soc had a trip to Slovenia in August 2019, and we stayed at the Speleo Camp Laze. There was another group of cavers staying in the bunkhouse there. If any of you were in that group, would you please contact me? I'd appreciate your comments on the place.
  11. Joe Duxbury

    Whale tail descenders

    There are 2 sites where you can see his collections: or
  12. Joe Duxbury

    ....and the cave passage this represents is??

    I don't have one, but to continue your theme ...
  13. Joe Duxbury

    Yellow calcite

    Yes, these are also under farmland, in a disused Cotswold underground stone quarry. We joked that this was crystallised sheep's piss, but it's arable land above. And like Tim Rose's Portland caves, "There's only 5 to 10 m of 'ground' above this and the soil layer is pretty thin." So, uric acid...
  14. Joe Duxbury

    Yellow calcite

    I know that copper stains calcite blue, and iron gives a red colour, but what creates a yellow colour, as in the attached photo?
  15. Joe Duxbury

    Whale tail descenders

    Take a look at the Gary Storrick collection:, and following. A big drawback with these devices was their weight. They're basically a great lump of metal.
  16. Joe Duxbury

    Caves closest to pubs

    I think there's a typo here! After quickly referring to my ancient copy of 'Northern Caves', would you mean Batty Wife Cave?
  17. Joe Duxbury

    Caves closest to pubs

    Nope. Same as my reply to Chris, enterable cave entrances only!
  18. Joe Duxbury

    Caves closest to pubs

    No, they don't! I'm after cave entrances close to, or within, pub/bar premises. I dare say there are bars in cave dwellings, but I'm not going to count these.
  19. Joe Duxbury

    Caves closest to pubs

    It has been suggested (April 2023 UBSS Newsletter) that the Hunters' Lodge Inn Sink is the 'closest cave to any pub (probably in the world!)' I know of one cave which is actually entered through the garage of a bar. Do you know of any other contenders?
  20. Joe Duxbury

    Hidden Earth 2023 drink containment unit

    Continuing this theme, there was no 'Beer-ometer' on display at the bar. How did we do this year, compared to previous years?