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    Draughting hole near Pwll Du, Blaenafon

    Early this morning I was doing some tramroad and quarry photography in the frost and saw distinct near-continuous wisps of warm air vapour rising from a small cave entrance at NGR SO 2506 / 1150. This a prominent entrance about five feet wide and three feet high on the side of the tramroad at...
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    Minera Quarry change of ownership

    From    6 Nov 2016: "Wrexham's Minera Quarry could be 'spectacular reserve'. A disused quarry near Wrexham looks set to be taken over by the North Wales Wildlife Trust to create a "spectacular" nature reserve. The Minera quarry...
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    Low water in Little Neath River Cave

    In Little Neath River Cave today, on the way through the canal bypass to sump 2, we met an outdoor pursuits group who'd had a look at sump 1 and reported that it was low, with a chance that a light might be visible through it. On our way out we detoured to look at sump 1 and it is indeed low...
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    Cullingford "British Caving" 1953: reference sought

    Please does anyone have access to C.H.D.Cullingford (ed.) "British caving: an introduction to speleology", 1st ed., London, 1953 ? I am seeking the page range of the chapter "Caverns in mines" by N.Kirkham, and also the page number(s) that the following extract occurs on (its about two pages...
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    Cwm Dwr crawl

    Recently down Cwm Dwr for the first time in a few years, I saw that most of the gravel has been removed from the crawl and placed in bags stacked in a larger section of passage. Was this in response to a rescue or in advance of a potential rescue, or some other cause?
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    Ogof Pasg - Ogof Foel Fawr

    Took my son today on what has more-or-less become our annual trip to Ogof Pasg - Ogof Foel Fawr. It was by far the driest I've seen it in 30 years of very occasional visits: * there were no puddles at all in the entrance and main  passage of Ogof Pasg, * the Canal in Ogof Pasg was down about...
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    Earthquake in Bristol Channel 20 Feb 2014

    Magnitude 4.1 , epicentre midway between Gower and Devon, 13:21 GMT 20 Feb 2014. I distinctly felt it in  Swansea - building noticably shook for three or four seconds and there was a grinding noise...
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    Ogof Rhyd Sych

    I have a hankering to revisit Ogof Rhyd Sych after an interval of almost 25 years. Where is the recommended parking these days and are there any access issues?
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    Free steel for south west Wales-based diggers

    To south Wales-based diggers: see Derbyshire > Skip Rats Alert for free digging steel in south west Wales.
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    Do Mendip cavers still buy external steel toecap boots?

    Traditionalist caver finds to his horror that now his aged external steel toecap boots are disintegrating (after a mere 20 years of alternating use and neglect), Bat Products is no more (sob!) so where do Mendip cavers (seemingly the last significant slice of the UK caving population to use...
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    Battery boxes for 4.5v Duracells

    Dinosaur caver out-of-touch with any lights post 1990 seeks advice! I'm still happily using Oldhams (don't laugh too loud...) and find that my two young sons need lights now they are doing decent trips, some wet - e.g. Little Neath. As I have a lot of Oldhams spares I intend to build around...