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    Caving in a hall ideas please

    That's awesome but I have a day job too so time and cardboard might not be on my side... Definitely something to aspire too though!
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    Caving in a hall ideas please

    Brilliant ideas here too. Thank you. Hauling tackle sacks is a great idea as I had wanted to incorporate rope work in some form....
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    Caving in a hall ideas please

    Fab idea. Thank you!
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    Caving in a hall ideas please

    Thank you Keith. Thanks for reminding me about this video. It's great. I found it a while ago on YouTube. Our hall has wifi so we should be able to stream it. Thank you.
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    Caving in a hall ideas please

    Thanks everyone. I have Katie's email now but I might try some home construction whilst I figure how easy getting the fake cave here would be...
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    Caving in a hall ideas please

    Thanks everyone. That artificial cave looks very familiar. I think it was at Ingleton's overground underground event one year. I misjudged my dimensions being heavily pregnant at the time.🤔 I will email the BCA using that address to think about hiring it for camps. In the meantime I will get...
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    Caving in a hall ideas please

    And if anyone knows how to contact scout cavers in the North East or Yorkshire area I would be grateful please for the Scouts.
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    Caving in a hall ideas please

    I am wanting ideas for activities and games to do for a caving night in a hall with a pack of cubs please. I'm a caver myself and have plenty of rope, electron ladders, tackle sacks etc. Has anyone done this before please? I looked at the thread on caving games on caving chat but most look...
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    Calling cave rescue via 999 ?

    999 is still the correct method of contacting cave rescue. I have done this for overdue cavers and not just for underground incidents. It was substantially easier to do when in the same locality as the overdue cavers though. Transferring to a different police force to contact CRO is not...
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    Mines near Nenthead

    Looking for any mines that might be open and accessible in the next week near Nenthead/Allendale/Allenheads please. I am more of a caver than a miner and have only really done trips to the ball room via the Nenthead museum entrance mine. I presume Nenthead museum mine area is closed and hence...
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    Great Douk

    Has the boulder fall/shakehole collapse in Great Douk stabilised since CNCC reported it in April 2021 please?
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    The Rescue Film

    I couldn't get to Kendal MFF and had intended to download the Rescue to watch soon with other cavers but that does not seem to be an option. Is there likely to be any more showings of the film please or, failing that, is it likely to be released as a DVD please? We look forward to still watching...
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    Bear Grylls on tv

    Hello. I haven't posted for years due to a recent lack of caving activity but have just watched Bear Grylls on ITV in the Dales. Argh! How was that responsible caving? It is totally giving out the wrong message in my opinion. Not wearing a helmet and going underground in dreadful weather and...