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    "New-style" cows tails – comments/criticism/remarks welcome

    Looks good to me fulk. Do let us know what it's like in use.
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    Shuttleworth lost rope advice

    Oh dear! Was down there today and could have sorted it for you. As mentioned above, another maillon opened just the right amount is an excellent 'spanner'.
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    BCA 2024 AGM

    And here's a second former BCA secretary seconding this.
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    Hut Fees in the Dales

    No student discount, but half-price SRT facility for overnight guests.
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    Concrete screws - smaller stainless screws tested

    Thanks Ian - really interesting.
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    Stuff left at Alum pot

    No sign of them at lunchtime today, I'm afraid.
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    Return to Aquamole - The Film

    Watched it twice now, once with my children. It's a really engaging story and expertly out together. Thank you and well done!
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    AlumPot lost crab

    That's really kind ... many thanks!
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    SRT Practice at the YSS

    What a great post. I'm really pleased you're finding it useful (and the panda!) We tried really hard when designing it to include a range of difficulties and also of likely underground obstacles. And yes, there are y-hangs on RSJs because everything is designed to replicate underground rigging...
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    Falling on Cows Tails

    I use two snapgates and do so well aware of the 'dangers'. When I teach others, I talk them through the arguments below and let them make their own choice. When teaching my daughter, who was about 11 at the time, I did the same and was quietly pleased when she chose to use snapgates. In my...
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    Martyn Farr's Hidden Realms

    I've just received my copy and, despite the comments above, really enjoyed going from cover to cover. Yes, this book is not aimed at the caving community but it is certainly very pleasant to flick through. As a coffee-table book, it has the real potential to bring a good number of non-cavers to...
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    Gingling hole: a fine day out

    I would agree with this. The 'Ammered 'Old is a short and tight pitch that leads with no difficulty the the final pitch. The Big Rift route has a few awkward drops down a tightish rift (that are tricky on the way back up, particularly when covered in slippery mud) and a series of awkward pitches...
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    Iran '77 - An illustrated memoir

    Same here ... only read the first few pages so far but it reads well.
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    Couple of questions about Meregill Hole

    I was there a couple of weekends ago and didn't spot either. The dive line through to the mere was trashed but no obvious wire. Not sure I would have spotted the Petzl anchors though as I'd already climbed up by then.
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    YSS SRT Facility - Feedback please!

    It's now more than 2 years since the opening of the SRT facility at the YSS. In that time hundreds of people have had a go on the various pre-rigged routes. We will shortly be replacing the ropes and are looking for feedback on the current layout, or indeed on anything else to do with the...
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    CRO HQ Open Evening

    As part of EuroSpeleo the CRO will be hosting an Open Evening at its HQ in Clapham on Wednesday 17th August any time between 5pm and 9pm. This will be a great opportunity to see how a different Rescue Team operates. Thanks to the CRO.
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    Kent to EuroSpeleo

    I know this is a long shot, but the person who was bringing the Speleo Olympics to EuroSpeleo is no longer able to make it. Does anybody have a van that is going from Kent to the Dales in the next week by any chance?
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    Draft Programme

    Congratulations to the Lecture Team who have pulled out all the stops and are able to publish a draft Lecture Timetable for the whole week ... see
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    Please bring ID

    If you are lucky enough to look under 25 (or have booked an under-25s ticket) UK licensing laws mean we will need to see ID to prove you are over 18. If you do not bring any, we will have no option but to give you an ?Under 18? wristband and you will not be able to buy alcohol all week. :o So...
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    EuroSpeleo FAQs

    Thought I'd put into a post some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about EuroSpeleo: When can we arrive? We will open for parking and camping from 6pm on the evening of Friday 12 August. A basic bar will be open until about midnight. When do we have to leave? If you are camping in the...