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    Mayday hole , stop !

    Brilliant, thanks very much! No rush, if you can leave it at the YSS I'll be able to pick it up from there, cheers
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    Mayday hole , stop !

    Yes, mine!! Is it black, old style, somewhat worn out? Stealthily detached itself from my harness on the way out a couple of weeks ago. YSS is good for me, cheers Sandy
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    Lost krabs mayday hole

    Don't suppose you found a black stop when you were down there, did you?
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    Strange formation; any ideas?

    Similar thing we found growing wild in the lake district a few years ago.
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    Tigguocobauc vol 2

    Well I quite enjoyed this... could it be some kind of record for longest time between first and second editions of a newsletter?!
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    Descent 294 - a new look

    Looks promising, what's the draft like?
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    Carbon offsetting for expeditions

    I think we are very firmly at the 'crank' end of climate change denial here, this is not science
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    Newby Moss Pot

    I think there's been some movement in the entrance, it is now rather slim!
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    Name the bottle

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    Ario Caves Project

    Yes, that’s right. 27/9 is still going, we only had 2 trips in there this year but managed to survey to the current end and go down the 20m pitch that it was left at in 2019. Climbing back up a steep muddy bank then led to the top of another pitch where the cave meets a large hading rift and...