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  1. Mr Cosmic

    Found - Helmet and Lamp - Priddy

    A helmet and lamp have been found on the verge of the Wells Road between Lower Pitts Farm and Priddy. Judging by the amount of mud, it probably belongs to a digger. If you believe it may be yours then drop me a description and we can arrange its return.
  2. Mr Cosmic

    Dales to Mendip; rain gauge

    I'm on an Outdoor First Aid course at the Viney Hill Centre at Oldcroft on Saturday and Sunday if that helps? It's a couple of miles south of Cinderford. I will also be in the Naggs Head at Yorkley Slade on Saturday night. If you can get to me then I'm happy to Rob's in Wells on Sunday evening.
  3. Mr Cosmic

    Advanced Notice - MCR Rescue Practice - Swildon's - 6th November 2021

    Hi Everyone Mendip Cave Rescue are holding a rescue practice on Saturday the 6th of November in Swildon's hole. Please be aware that the practise will involve a pitch haul up the 20ft pot.  We will try to keep the disruption to a minimum but this may mean this area of the cave will be very...
  4. Mr Cosmic

    Centre of the Universe open for business

    The Hunters is open for business ;D See the attached photos for the opening hours.
  5. Mr Cosmic

    Rescue Practice - Swildon's 11th May 2019

    Hi Everyone This is an advanced warning that the Wessex Cave Club are holding a club rescue practice in Swildon's on Saturday 11th May 2019.  This will commence at 11:00 and finish around 15:00.  The "casualty" will be moved from the base of 8 foot waterfall to surface via the Short Dry Way. As...
  6. Mr Cosmic

    Hunter's Hole - Loose Rock

    Hi Just a quick heads up. I was in Hunter's Hole on Sunday (11th Nov) and a member of our team spotted a loose boulder on the Bridge. A few minutes "gardening" resulted in three microwave sized boulders safely relocate to the floor of the maim chamber. The rest of the Bridge seems sound but...
  7. Mr Cosmic

    Swildon's Ladder Removed

    Please could whoever removed the Wessex Ladder from Swildon's 20 on Saturday afternoon (10th March) return it to the Wessex HQ at Upper Pits, Eastwater Lane, Priddy. The ladder is easy to identify having a built-in tether and every fifth rung is anodised red. We assume it was taken by mistake...
  8. Mr Cosmic

    Tynings Barrow Swallet

    Hatstand and I are planning a trip to Tyning's Barrow Swallet on Friday.  Does anyone know:- a) whether Mr Reakes, the keyholder, will be around on Friday? b) does anyone have a contact number for him? c) where Tynings Farm is? We do have a plan B, just in case but naturally plan A is always...
  9. Mr Cosmic

    New Rope

    Hi As a belated Xmas pressie to myself, I've purchased 100m of Edelrid's finest 10mm Static rope  ;D  The question is what do I need to do with it before I cut it into the lengths I require? I'm aware that new ropes can shrink by as much as 10% once they are "used".  So how do I get most the...
  10. Mr Cosmic

    Swildon's Water Levels

    Hi I'm planning on attempting the short round trip in Swildon's this coming weekend.  Has anyone been through the Mud Sump and Troubles recently and what were the water levels like?
  11. Mr Cosmic

    Cuckoo Cleeves - New Fence

    A big "Thank You" is in order for the CSCC C&A officer (LesW) :clap2: After a Jeffrey Archer'esque rendezvous under the Wessex training tower and the exchange of a large brown envelop stuffed with crisp twenties, a contractor was duly contracted and a new fence was installed around Cuckoo...
  12. Mr Cosmic

    Ultimate Caving Repeat BBC 2 Sunday 6:00pm

    Hi For all of those who missed the original screening of "Ultimate Caving" (and aren't part of the BBC iPlayer beta program) then it is being repeated at 6:00pm this Sunday on BBC2.
  13. Mr Cosmic

    Tackle Washing

    After a year of vigorous use my tackle has started to smell real bad :-[ Has anyone got any tips on the best way to freshen up a Warmbac Neo-fleece and wetsuit socks.